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Science is a Blast!

Inquiry science keeps children actively engaged in learning and discovery! This training will investigate ways to implement more science activities into daily programs, as well as connect inquiry science to early learning and development standards, as well as the common core.

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Featured Author

Meet Pam Oviatt, M. Ed

From the time she was a little girl, Pam Oviatt always dreamed of becoming a teacher. After many years of dedication, she fulfilled her dreams and continues to have a very successful teaching career. Along with her many accomplishments, Pam Oviatt is one of AIR Child Care Training's Authors. She has created many of AIR's Step Up To Quality courses. By creating training courses, she can share some of information and experiences she has obtained throughout her teaching career.

Pam has a masters in Education and post-graduate work in early childhood education and early literacy.She has completed courses in adult learning styles and has presented in workshops at the local, state, regional, national, and international formats. Many may recognize Pam for her presentations at Regional Head Start Conferences and the International Reading Association. She has had the honor of being an invited speaker for the International Early Childhood Institute in China. Pam also was an invited speaker at the US Department of Education for many other workshops and conferences.

Not only does Pam have experiences and knowledge to share, her love to teach shows in every new venture she pursues.

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Science is Snow Much Fun!

In January, the winter blues can hit hard. A cold and snowy winter tends to keep most people indoors, but who said you can’t bring the snow fun inside? Whether you have a lot of snow, none at all, or would rather just stay inside, here are some winter science activities to experiment, and simulate in your childcare program. Melting Snowman Activity – Want to make the snow disappear? With this activity, you can almost do so. Decorate a biodegradable packing peanut (made of starch) like a snowman, and place it in warm water. Watch before your eyes as the snowman packing peanut melts.   Erupting Snowballs – This experiment produces a chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. Using […]

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