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Encouraging Scientific Thinkers - Science Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom

Children are born with a natural curiosity for “figuring out” the world around them. Adults who support them in this learning are critical to them becoming confident scientific thinkers. This presentation will give teachers many practical examples of how to implement the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards in their preschool environments. All areas of science, including scientific inquiry and application, life science, earth and space science, and physical science will be discussed and demonstrated. Participants will be introduced to the 5E model for planning and implementing interesting inquiry based science activities. Participants will be given the opportunity to plan sample lessons using this model. Ideas will also be shared for extending science throughout multiple curriculum areas. View the Course Description

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Featured Author

Meet Tisha Luthy, M.Ed.

Tisha Luthy is an Early Childhood Education Teacher and Director. She is a director in an Outdoor Preschool Program. Tisha has over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She started working in child care with children ages 3-5 yrs. Then went back to school and received a Pre-K - 3rd grade Teaching Certificate. Over more recent years, Tisha obtained a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood.

Being a teacher, director and a parent herself Tisha Luthy understands the importance of establishing positive and productive relationships with families. Family Engagement is all inclusive portion of a child’s early childhood education and the extension of education continued in the home. Eliminating the separation of education and play is also a crucial portion of extending a child’s learning opportunities.

Tisha is passionate about assisting with the extension of education by creating programs, events, and curriculum that fosters family engagement. AIR Childcare Training Solutions is proud to be a part of this by adding Tisha Luthy as one of our Authors.

In the Know

Teaching Friendship: Puppet Pals

Social skills, like other skills, require teaching. We can set children up for success not only though numbers, shapes, and reminders to look both ways before crossing the street, but also through showing them to how be a friend. How do we, as care-givers, help children see each other as playmates and friends? Puppet games can provide a non-threatening and safe space for children to practice friendship skills. With puppets, children can try out social behaviors, and you, as carer, can help encourage healthy interaction. The first step is for children to see friendship modeled between puppets. This is where you get to be creative: use stuffed animals or make puppets from paper bags or popsicle sticks—anything will do! Then, […]

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