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Open-Ended Preschool Art

Do you “fix” your student’s art after the student has completed their project? When you look at the display of student artwork does the artwork all look the same? During this class you will learn the difference between open ended art (process art) and product art. We will discuss the benefits of allowing children to try things on their own and how you can incorporate open-ended art projects into your classroom, as well as ideas for open ended art.

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Featured Author

Meet Cara Asher, MA

Cara Asher has been a Preschool Director for the past 8 years. She has a Bachelors in Visual Arts and a Masters in Art Education.

Encouraging art plays a big role in Early Childhood Education because it assists with many physical and mental developments. As educators learning the difference between open ended art (process art) and product art can maximize the benefits of incorporating art into the Childcare setting.

Cara Asher is excited to share the importance of experimenting with Open-ended Art in the classroom. AIR Childcare Training Solutions is more excited to facilitate this to educators everywhere. Check out the course OPEN-ENDED PRESCHOOL ART by Cara Asher.

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National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! National Nutrition Month was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to inform and educate about nutrition.  From ages two to five, children’s bodies grow and develop in accordance with their diets. Having good health and nutrition will keep your child on the proper growth track. Creating knowledge of a balanced diet at a young age can help guide their food choices in the future. Everyone knows that having good nutrition leads to good health, but did you know that it also links to students’ academic success? Here are some ways that you can introduce topics of nutrition and healthy foods into your early childhood classroom. Start by introducing the different food groups by […]

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