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Social Emotional Skill Building Through an Engineering Mindset

Designed as an introduction into the world of engineering in early learning, this course explores the engineering mindset and how it naturally cultivates social-emotional competence in young children. Discover the National Academy of Engineering’s Six Habits of Mind, Problem Solving Design Process, and the Three Empowerment Teaching Strategies and how these components help reach early learning standards. When combined, the components of an engineering mindset powerfully and organically motivate children to cooperate, regulate, and communicate building essential social emotional skills. Children of all developmental levels can thrive if they are good problem solvers; vital skills needed for a happy, successful life! View the Course Description

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Featured Author

Meet Shannon Lincoln, MA

Shannon Lincoln is a dynamic early learning professional and advocate with over twenty years of experience in teaching, training, and coaching adults in continuing and secondary education settings. Since the beginning of her career, Shannon has always been passionate about professional development. She has led countless workshops, seminars, and events centered around professional development topics such as anti-bias curriculum, kindergarten readiness, licensing, team building, professionalism, and accreditation and licensing process just to name a few.

Shannon also worked as a Quality and Accreditation Specialist for KinderCare in Oregon. In this role, Shannon was responsible for providing coaching and consultation services to over 500 childcare center directors to obtain or maintain national accreditation with the NAEYC. Shannon was able to assist these 500 center directors by developing webinars about the accreditation process overview, portfolio assembly, action plans, and annual reports.

Shannon is so passionate about quality, ongoing training she has partnered with AIR Child Care Training Solutions to bring you Social Emotional Skill Building Through an Engineering Mindset. Find this, and other exciting courses, at airchildcare.com.

In the Know

Benefits of Outdoor Play

According to Child Encyclopedia, children play different outside than they do inside, which also means that children gain different benefits from playing outdoors and indoors. Some areas that can be benefited when children play outside are physical development, social and cognitive development, sensory development, and mental well being.   When children play outdoors, they tend to do more active play than they do indoors. It is not shocking that children who play more outside tend to be more physically active. Children can one minute decide to be jumping and then next minute to be running. Other common outdoor activities that children do are swinging, climbing, pulling, balancing, rolling, running, and skipping. Each of these movements that children often do outside […]

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