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Encouraging Scientific Thinkers - Science Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom

Children are born with a natural curiosity for “figuring out” the world around them. Adults who support them in this learning are critical to them becoming confident scientific thinkers. This presentation will give teachers many practical examples of how to implement the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards in their preschool environments. All areas of science, including scientific inquiry and application, life science, earth and space science, and physical science will be discussed and demonstrated. Participants will be introduced to the 5E model for planning and implementing interesting inquiry based science activities. Participants will be given the opportunity to plan sample lessons using this model. Ideas will also be shared for extending science throughout multiple curriculum areas. View the Course Description

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Featured Author

Meet Laurie Gombash, PT, M. Ed.

Laurie Gombash is a Physical Therapist. She has over 20 years working in the public school systems with special needs children. She is also an independent Step Up To Quality Trainer and the creator of The ABC’s of Movement.

The ABC’s of Movement is an activity program that incorporates movement with learning the alphabet. Laurie was inspired to create this program through her years of working with children struggling with motor skills. After creating the ABC’s of Movement, Laurie collaborated with AIR Childcare Training to create several Step Up To Quality courses, including one for the ABC’s of Movement program.

Laurie continues her journey, helping not only special needs children but the childcare providers blessed to assist in their growth and development!

In the Know

Making Friends Means Taking Turns

A cornerstone of friendship is the ability to take turns. One goal of care-giving, then, becomes teaching this skill. “Sharing” has become a hallmark of Kindergarten curriculum. But one year of classroom teaching is insufficient to plant, water, a grow a heart of caring. Learning to take turns can start at home. Almost any activity can be turned into an opportunity to take turns: when a child gives a hug, the parent or care-giver gives a hug back. With a pet dog or hamster, a child and adult can take turns rubbing its back. When playing with race cars, you can take turns using certain Hot Wheels. Taking turns teaches: • Self-control: Children must control their bodies while waiting for […]

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