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Director Support

Childcare Directors wear many hats each day! Director Support offers ideas to tackle some of the problems Directors face as well as offer ideas to make state licensing visits easier and more organized. View the Course Description

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Meet Cara Rigsbee, MA

Cara Rigsbee has been a Preschool Director for the past 8 years. She has a Bachelors in Visual Arts and a Masters degree in Art Education.

Encouraging art plays a big role in Early Childhood Education because it assists with many physical and mental developments. As educators learning the difference between open ended art (process art) and product art can maximize the benefits of incorporating art into the Childcare setting.

Cara Rigsbee is excited to share the importance of experimenting with open-ended Art in the classroom. AIR Childcare Training Solutions is more excited to facilitate this to educators everywhere. Check out the courses Open-ended Preschool Art, Art Projects for After School Programs, and Director Support by Cara Rigsbee.

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Using the Five Senses to Manage Hyperactivity

Several factors can even influence children’s attention daily. Even the slightest distraction can cause students to not pay attention during class time, stop listening to directions, and prevent them from completing an assignment. Most often, children do not know how to manage these feelings so it can appear that children are acting out and behaving badly but really they may just be anxious, moody, easily overwhelmed, or even have a condition such as ADHD or ADD. Creating an environment that can welcome these emotions and teaches children how to manage these feelings will help them achieve future success. Here is how you can decrease hyperactivity within your classroom using strategies for each of the five senses. Taste One big factor […]

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