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13 Children’s Books About Diversity and Inclusion

When discussing diversity and inclusion, many people do not know that the best time to start teaching individuals about these values is when children are young. Growing up in an environment where there is a constant conversation about equality, kindness, and respect, children are more likely to become adults that treat others with kindness and respect. This conversation can start in the classroom by incorporating diverse materials into the learning objectives. There are many ways to integrate more inclusive materials in the classroom as an educator or childcare provider. You could have toys or objects from different cultures or even find books or other educational materials to educate children about diversity. To promote this, we decided to make a list […]

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?  Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD) is a neurological disorder that affects how sensory information is perceived by an individual, causing abnormal responses. Individuals with SPD tend to respond inappropriately and out-of-context to sensory information.  Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder A few signs of Sensory Processing Disorder include:  ● Touch aversion – sensitive to certain textures or feelings like tags on clothes or grass on their feet.  ● Poor motor coordination – clumsy or unbalanced.  ● Lack of boundaries – tend to touch everything around them and invade personal space. ● High pain tolerance – might not notice or react when feeling pain.  ● Easily distracted – fidgety and unable to sit still or focus on […]

How to Practice a Safe Halloween

The pandemic, COVID-19, has caused us to miss out on many important events to keep ourselves and our families safe. With Halloween coming up, many are wondering how they will participate in activities while being safe. Whether you are planning on staying home this Halloween or participating in local Halloween activities, we have a list of tips that may help you have a spooktacular and safe Halloween:  Ideas For Those Planning On Staying At Home This Halloween:  Decorate You can go out and buy decorations to put up around your house or classroom, or you can DIY your own Halloween decor. Pinterest has thousands of DIY Halloween decor projects with their supplies list and instructions. Decorating is the perfect way to get […]

Safe and Edible Sensory Bins

Sensory bins allow children to explore, create, and imagine all while engaging their senses. These bins are especially perfect for young children, such as toddlers or preschoolers. If you are looking for sensory bin ideas for the young ones that use safe materials but will keep them engaged, here are some ideas:  Note: Although these sensory bins use edible materials to prevent children from eating dangerous materials, they still should be under adult supervision. Additionally, make sure that whatever you add into your sensory bin is big enough not to be a choking hazard for the children’s age. If you want any of these sensory bins to be totally edible, replace any plastic animals/insects with candy animals/insects.   Pond Sensory […]

The Serving Leader Institute

AIR Child Care Training Solutions is a proud supporter of OhioAEYC’s The Serving Leader Institute. The Serving Leader Institute is a proven leadership program – a simple yet powerful framework providing leadership principles to motivate teams. This year the Serving Leader Institute is coming to you! Hear from industry experts Dr. John Stahl-Wert, Qianna Tidmore, and Kimberly Tice throughout the virtual sessions to hear key concepts reinforced, workbook applications explored, and your questions answered. Sign up for The Serving Leader Institute to gain advice making your program a great place to work, discover strategies to improve job satisfaction, learn how to create a culture of empowerment, teamwork, and accountability. Participants will also review metrics on increasing profitability and customer satisfaction/retention, […]

Why You Should Promote Coloring for Children

National Coloring Day is September 14th. Most people think of coloring as a fun activity. However, coloring does a lot more than providing entertainment to children and is an essential tool for childcare providers. Here are some other ways that promoting coloring as an activity can help children:   Coloring Develops Hand-Strength and Improves Fine Motor Skills Holding the pencil or crayon and learning to grip correctly helps develop the hand muscles children need for many of their daily activities. Some of the daily activities coloring help with include typing, writing, cooking, or even household chores. Hand-strength is essential for these hand-related fine motor skills, and coloring can help strengthen them. Coloring Stimulates Creativity and Self-Expression Giving a child a […]

Distinguishing Seasonal Allergies From COVID-19

With the symptoms for COVID-19 being remarkably similar to the symptoms for seasonal allergies, many are concerned about how they will tell the difference between COVID symptoms and seasonal allergies as they ramp up this fall. Although the symptoms are somewhat similar, educating yourself about seasonal allergies and symptoms may help you to distinguish them from COVID symptoms better.   Seasons Where Specific Allergens Are Most Prominent: Spring: February – May: With springtime comes breathing difficulties, skin allergies, and congestion issues. Tree pollen season occurs during this season in Ohio when the trees begin pollinating. This does not just affect you when you are physically outside, but even having windows open in the house can affect your springtime allergies. Summer: […]

How to Choose Professional Development for Your Staff

Your time and money are valuable, and the organization you choose for professional development should recognize and protect that. If you are struggling to navigate through the sea of training providers, there are a few factors you might want to consider. Ensure that the organization you choose:   1) Has gone through the QRIS in each state.  Ensure you know that the classes you are paying for are approved in your state by the state’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS). Just because an organization says your state approves them, does not mean all of their listed courses for your state will be counted as fulfilling professional development requirements. Many organizations leave it up to administrators to check with their approving […]

Silly Spirit Day Ideas for the Classroom

Everyone loved spirit week at school growing up. Dressing as your favorite sports team or wearing your pajamas to school became some of the many popular spirit days in American schools. With the school year starting, we thought it would be fun to list some silly spirit day ideas to get students and teachers back in the school year spirit!   Opposite Outfit Day Host an opposite outfit day where students (and teachers) can wear their shirts and jackets backward, and they can even wear their socks inside out or two different shoes and write their names backward. Wacky Hair Day Have your students come to class with wacky hairstyles. The best hairstyle wins a snack or the ability to […]

10 Classroom Theme Ideas for the Upcoming School Year

One of the most exciting and important decisions an educator can make at the beginning of the school year is what decor or theme they want their classroom to be! You want a theme that is exciting, creative, and, most importantly, inclusive, and recognizable! We know that it can be stressful to come up with an idea on your own.  Here are 11 of our favorite classroom themes that can be used for any age group of students:   Under the Sea Take a deep dive into the ocean with an under-the-sea themed classroom by Dawn Oakes on Pinterest! This would be especially great for any science-themed classrooms, and kids are sure to love the bright colors and engaging decor! […]