Rainbow Fish Craft

Use this craft to teach your kids about generosity.  They can share colors and and strips of paper to show they are generous. Materials: template of the fish (or you can draw your own) 1/2 inch or so bits of various colored tissue paper or construction paper (we used tissue paper in the photo above). small amount of tinfoil thin strips of various colored tissue paper or construction paper one big blue piece of tissue or construction paper OR a blue marker or crayon glue, scissors Instructions: print rainbow fish template (or draw the outline of a fish on a piece of paper) color the head in blue, or glue on a piece of tissue or construction paper. It doesn’t […]

Becoming Generous

Little ones and Generosity…how do you make that happen? Look at the article (linked below) on Scholastics website. It will give you an idea of what to expect at each stage of development in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. This informative article delves into the “Whys” of kids attitudes toward generosity. Relevant examples guide the reader thru each age group. Helpful suggestions give you ways to “make it happen” in your classroom. Go to… http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/article/ages-stages-becoming-generous and see for yourself how you can encourage generosity in your little ones.   See how our book of the month, can help with this lesson. See The Book Of The Month – Click Here

Your Next Great Read At OAEYC

Find your next great classroom book at the OAEYC Conference at Kalahari Resorts located in Sandusky, Ohio on May 21-23.  There are sessions available to learn all about children’s literature. You can attend John Funk’s session entitled “Once Upon a Time: What’s New in Children’s Literature?” or Debbie Clement’s session “Lyrics to Literacy: Read a Song and Sing a Book”. Plus many more! See what new and exciting books and lessons you can incorporate into your classroom. You can also discover many fabulous books in the exhibit hall. Over 70 vendors will be available to help you find that special item.  Stop by our booth (#423) and read up on all the great online courses that AIR has to offer. […]

Calling All Administrators

Want to have all of your staffs’ certification at your fingertips?   Want to run a report that tells you everything you want to know about your staffs course work?    Want all of this in one place? Well…you can!  Sign up for your AIR Training Solutions Administrator account.  You can have access to everything training related for your staff in one place.  With a click of a button, you can save time and money by using your Administrator account to its fullest potential. Want to see how it works in person?  Stop by our booth at the OAEYC Conference at Kalahari Resorts, May 21-23.  We can give you a live demonstration of this extremely helpful tool.   Want to enroll?  We can […]

OEAYC Get it and Go

Going to the OAEYC conference this month? Need First Aid and/or CPR certification? Then ‘Get it and Go’ at the AIR Training Solutions booth at the OAEYC Conference on May 21-23 at Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio. There is no better way to “Get it and Go”. Here’s how. Get certified in 3 easy steps: 1. Purchase and complete the online portion of the First Aid and/or CPR course. 2. Register for one of our OAEYC Conference In-Person training sessions. 3. Come to our booth, complete your training and leave that day with your certification. Remember, you can complete all of your child care training needs with AIR Training Solutions. First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse and much more. […]

Honest- to-Goodness Petals

Sunflower template courtesy of: http://boymamateachermama.com/2013/05/13/boy-mama-popsicle-stick-sunflowers/ Help kids learn that “Honesty is the Best Policy” by creating Honest -to -Goodness Petals. What you will need: Craft sticks Glue Cardboard cereal box Scissors Pencil Paint Paint brushes Directions: To begin, trace and cut a small circle from cereal box. Cut several wooden craft sticks in half. Using the glue, arrange the craft sticks around the cardboard circle and affix in place with glue. Continue until the sticks have made one complete circle around the cardboard circle. Repeat with an additional circle of craft sticks so you end up with the sunflower shape as shown above. Glue one full stick on for the stem. Have your child paint the flowers using paint colors […]

Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf

Judy Sierra (Author), J. Otto Seibold (Illustrator) Big Bad Wolf’s first visit to his local library (as related in Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf) was such a success that he returns to tell his version of “The Three Little Pigs.” His outrageous spin on the tale draws skeptical remarks from his audience: “Isn’t that wolf’s nose getting longer?” asks Pinocchio. “It’s a cooked-up, half-baked tale,” snaps the Gingerbread Boy. And “Tell the truth, B.B. Wolf!” squeal the Three Little Pigs. Caught in his own lie, B.B. explains that he is a reformed villain: “Now I’m begging on my knees, Little Pigs, forgive me, please!” How B.B. turns his bad old deed into a good new one provides a happy ending […]

Encourage Honesty

How do you encourage honesty in the classroom? We must first understand that honesty is something that can be taught. This virtue helps children develop strong moral and emotional strength, as well as character and self-esteem. So…where do we begin? According to Bette Freedson, MSW, LICSW, LCSW, CGP — National Association of Social Workers, it all begins with teaching by example. Encourage honesty by the “Do as I Do” philosophy. Keep in mind the maturity level of your student when communicating with them. Keep it at their level. Teaching by example means you must lead by example. Make sure you are using honest and ethical practices in your classroom. By incorporating this into your environment, you will develop the self-respect […]

National Honesty Day


Celebrate National Honesty Day…… April 30 is National Honesty Day!!! No lie….it really is a thing. Don’t believe me, then check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honesty_Day Read all about National Honesty Day and its origins. Try coming up with some unique ways to celebrate National Honesty Day with your class. How about: The Honest Mouth (Suggested for all grades) Materials: Black licorice Ask the students if anyone knows what happens when you eat black licorice? (Put a piece in your mouth. You may want to put extra black food coloring on your piece before visiting the classroom; this will enhance the effect.) A mouth that has eaten black licorice turns black. (After chewing, open your mouth to show the result.) Yuck! Not […]

ODJFS Training

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS) is the organization that governs child care providers in the state of Ohio.  AIR Child Care Training Solutions has spent years working with ODJFS Training in efforts to assist with providing quality professional development.  AIR continues to advocate on behalf of child care organizations and providers to set the highest standards for this training.   The Bureau of Child Care and Development also known as BCCD releases news and updates at the following web address:  http://jfs.ohio.gov/cdc/BCCD_News.stm. This is where ODJFS posts updates to policies, licensing, CCIDS, Step Up To Quality and other pertinent information.   Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) is a voluntary five–star quality rating system administered by the Ohio Department of […]