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OAEYC 2017 Recap

What a great event at the OAEYC conference last month in Sandusky! It was a pleasure having an opportunity to meet so many new faces and current customers in the child care industry. As an advocate for the industry AIR wants to build personal relationships with not just customers but leaders and law makers alike. Having such a great conference allows us to achieve that goal. We also had some of our great AIR content providers in the booth with us, and many of you enjoyed meeting these authors face to face for the first time. We even signed agreements with some new content providers which will allow us to offer exciting new training classes! If you happened to stop […]

OAEYC 2017

OAEYC Conference May 4-6, 2017 Come See Us At Booth 322 The AIR team looks forward to the OAEYC Conference in Sandusky every year! This year’s event is from May 4-6 and we hope you can stop by and say hello. Meet Some Of Our Authors And Trainers Stop by and see some of our Step Up To Quality / Ohio approved course authors very soon. On Thursday, Laurie Gombash will be in the booth with us. Laurie is the author of 5 of our current courses, and she will have her ABC’s of Movement cards available for purchase. On Friday, Pam Oviatt will be in our booth answering questions. Pam has many courses available on our website and she will have […]

OAEYC Conference 2016 Recap


Another Great Weekend For Ohio Child Care Providers What a great weekend at the OEAYC Conference in Sandusky! From April 21-23, with over 2,000 trainers in attendance, the AIR team had the oppurtunity to meet hundreds of educators and leaders in our great state of Ohio. There were plenty of outstanding breakout sessions led by talented speakers in our industry.  Topics covered many topics such as “advancing the profession”, “leadership in action” and “being the best in town (how to retain your outstanding staff)”. AIR Child Care Recognized Amie Brock, CEO of AIR, even had the honor and privilege of being called to the stage and recognized as a contributor to the child care training industry.  This was very humbling […]

Be Prepared For Asthma


The return to school is a time when many kids go back to participating in organized sports. For kids with asthma, it is an important time to be prepared. Many children have asthma that is brought on by exercise, and September and October are peak seasons for ragweed pollen in many areas of the United States. As school-age children (and college students) get back to the routine of regular exercise, it is especially important that they are taking their controller medications regularly. Learn more about Asthma in the fall here. Did you know that AIR Training Solutions has a 2 credit hour Step Up To Quality approved course titled: Meeting the Needs of a Child With Asthma In their Learning Environment? […]

Becoming Generous

Little ones and Generosity… How do you make that happen? Look at the article (linked below) on Scholastics website. It will give you an idea of what to expect at each stage of development in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. This informative article delves into the “Whys” of kids attitudes toward generosity. Relevant examples guide the reader thru each age group. Helpful suggestions give you ways to “make it happen” in your classroom. Go to… and see for yourself how you can encourage generosity in your little ones.   See how our book of the month, can help with this lesson. See The Book Of The Month – Click Here

Calling All Administrators

Want to have all of your staffs’ certification at your fingertips?  Want to run a report that tells you everything you want to know about your staffs course work?    Want all of this in one place? Well…you can! Sign Up For Your AIR Training Solutions Administrator Account You can have access to everything training related for your staff in one place.  With a click of a button, you can save time and money by using your Administrator account to its fullest potential. Want to see how it works in person?  Stop by our booth at the OAEYC Conference at Kalahari Resorts, May 21-23. We can give you a live demonstration of this extremely helpful tool.   Want to enroll?  We can do […]

OEAYC Get it and Go

Going to the OAEYC conference this month? Need First Aid and/or CPR certification? Then ‘Get it and Go’ at the AIR Training Solutions booth at the OAEYC Conference on May 21-23 at Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio. There is no better way to “Get it and Go”. Get Certified In 3 Easy Steps: 1. Purchase and complete the online portion of the First Aid and/or CPR course. 2. Register for one of our OAEYC Conference In-Person training sessions. 3. Come to our booth, complete your training and leave that day with your certification. Remember, you can complete all of your child care training needs with AIR Training Solutions. First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse and much more. Register To […]

Encourage Honesty

How do you encourage honesty in the classroom? We must first understand that honesty is something that can be taught. This virtue helps children develop strong moral and emotional strength, as well as character and self-esteem. So…where do we begin? Teach By Example According to Bette Freedson, MSW, LICSW, LCSW, CGP — National Association of Social Workers, it all begins with teaching by example. Encourage honesty by the “Do as I Do” philosophy. Keep in mind the maturity level of your student when communicating with them. Keep it at their level. Teaching by example means you must lead by example. Make sure you are using honest and ethical practices in your classroom. By incorporating this into your environment, you will […]

Book of the Month: Mouse Was Mad

Enjoy Our Selection for This Month’s Featured Book Click Here To See The Book Description: Who knows the best way to be mad? Bear stomps. Hare hops. Bobcat screams. Mouse? He just can’t get it right. But when he finds the way that works for him–still and quiet–he discovers that his own way might be the best of all. Linda Urban’s story about self-expression and managing anger is both sweet and sly, and Henry Cole’s cast of animal friends is simply irresistible.

Overcome Anger issues with Positive Discipline


Discipline Expert Amy Morin shows how Positive Discipline can address many behavioral issues. Try using Positive Discipline to help manage anger issues in your classroom. Here Are 4 Key Points That Empower The Positive Discipline Model Build a Positive Relationship: spend quality time with your children and build healthy relationships. Talk about their feelings and your feelings. Use Encouragement Liberally: focus on encouragement instead of praise. Encouragement focuses on the child’s efforts no matter what the outcome. This helps the child recognize their full potential. Problem-Solve Together: problem solve together. This helps teach problem solving skills while keeping opportunities available to maintain communication. Use Discipline Instead Punishments: there is a sharp distinction between discipline and punishment. Consequences are not meant […]