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Benefits of Gardening with Young Children

Engaging senses: Gardening can be a great activity for engaging all five senses.  What does the dirt feel like on their hands?  How does it feel if you add water to the dirt?  What color is the parsley?  Do you hear the fruit crunch when you chew it?  How does the fruit smell and taste? Encourage Healthier Eating: Children are more likely to pick healthier options when they grow it themselves.  They can sample the fruit or vegetable right from the garden, or you could try a simple recipe that you can make in your classroom. Fine Motor Development: When the kids are picking up little seeds or pulling weeds, that is a great benefit to their fine motor development. […]

Going Green

Why is recycling so important, even for young children? Recycling helps keep our planet safe. Trash like plastic bottles that sit in landfills often contain chemicals that can harm the earth. Here are some helpful tips to teach young children the importance of recycling: Make a plan. Teach them about the most important items that should be recycled and why, for example, plastic bottles.  Show them how and where they should be recycled.  Talk about different items within your classroom that can be recycled. Starting Early. Teach the children in your classroom to recycle early.  Encourage them to look for the recycle symbol on products to help them become aware of what can and can’t be recycled. Make it Enjoyable. […]

Goal Setting for Professional Advancement

This past year, COVID-19 caused many of us to slow down, with social events postponed, family events canceled, and the closing of many of our favorite stores, restaurants, and places to go. Perhaps you used some of this down-time to reflect on your career and where you hope to take it. Did you find yourself pondering a change within your current position (teaching a different age group) or advancing to the next level (from assistant to lead)? If you have, now is a perfect time to set goals. Use the tips below to achieve your professional goals during 2021. Write it Down With any goal, the hardest part is usually getting started. Write down a specific goal and place it […]