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Learning Through Candy Hearts

This time of year candy conversation hearts  are in abundance. While they may not be everyone’s favorite candy, they can provide many different uses in an early childhood center. From literacy to math, check out these fun ways to incorporate candy conversation hearts into all of your lessons. Test what kind of liquids will dissolve a candy heart in this experiment. Gather enough containers for the amount of liquids you would like to test. Some liquids that you could experiment with could include liquids such as juice, soda, vinegar, soap, and water just to name a few. Fill the containers with the liquids,  and leave one container empty for the control group. Ask the children what they think will happen […]

Five Senses of Diversity

Some topics can be easier or harder to explain to young children. With different examples and the help of the five senses, young children can really start to understand diversity. This lesson is great to use to transition to future Black History Month topics. First, using a brown egg, a white egg, and your sense of sight, ask the children what the difference is between the two eggs. Ask what they think will happen when you open them up. Will the brown egg have a brown yolk and will the white egg have a white yolk? Crack open the eggs to discover that on the inside they are both the same! Moving on to the sense of touch, open up […]

Science is Snow Much Fun!

In January, the winter blues can hit hard. A cold and snowy winter tends to keep most people indoors, but who said you can’t bring the snow fun inside? Whether you have a lot of snow, none at all, or would rather just stay inside, here are some winter science activities to experiment, and simulate in your childcare program. Melting Snowman Activity – Want to make the snow disappear? With this activity, you can almost do so. Decorate a biodegradable packing peanut (made of starch) like a snowman, and place it in warm water. Watch before your eyes as the snowman packing peanut melts.   Erupting Snowballs – This experiment produces a chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. Using […]

1, 2, 3 Math Activities for this December

Whether it is for a math center, or a way to keep the children busy at home, these math activities are perfect to entertain your child as they count down to the holidays! Holiday Memory Game – With the help of some chocolate, this activity focuses on matching and memory skills. You will need Hershey Kisses, scissors, tape, and this free printable. Cut out the images, tape them on the Kisses, mix them up and begin matching! Reuse multiple times, or eat the ones that you match! Counting and Ordering Christmas Tree Activity – This activity focuses on ordering and counting. For this activity you will need: green construction paper, brown construction paper, ruler, scissors, and dot markers or dot […]

National Child Safety and Protection Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 12,175 children aged 0 to 19 die each year due to an unintentional injury. Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for children in the United States. Types of unintentional injuries include but are not limited to motor vehicle incidents, drowning, suffocation, fire, and poisoning. National Child Safety and Protection Month recognizes these potential dangers and focuses on prevention. Here are some ways to prevent injuries in your day to day life: Food Safety: When using a stove, try to use the back burners with the pot handles facing towards the back of the stove. This prevents young children from reaching the hot contents on the stove. Motor Vehicle Safety: […]

The Thankful Feather Hat

Each year on Thanksgiving friends and families come together to celebrate their blessings and what they are most thankful for. This simple craft can help your child brainstorm some of the biggest blessings in their life. For this craft, you will need: writing and coloring utensils, stapler, scissors, paper, and this free printable   Step 1- By using the free printable, print the feathers and the crown.   Step 2-Cut out the feathers and the crown.   Step 3-Have the child color the feathers and the crown if they please.   Step 4-Brainstorm with the child and write down on each feather something that they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.   Step 5-Staple the crown to fit the child’s […]

One Cookie Cutter: Five Ideas for Fall Fun

Fall may seem fraught with tiny dangers for tiny bodies: Halloween candy, sharp pumpkin-carving tools, and people in costumes jumping out from behind corners. But fall is also a great opportunity to learn about the world—something toddlers and young children do every day, all the time! One way to teach about a season is to pick a symbol and stick to it. An easy one for fall is the symbol of a leaf. If your part of the country doesn’t change colors as much, think of a different symbol (a pumpkin, mums, a school book) which represents a part of the season for you and your community. Try exploring this symbol in different ways. Something as simple as a cookie […]

Sizing Down Summer: Field Trips That Come to You

As the sunshine sings, it’s tempting to always be on the go. Nothing is more exhilarating than a summertime day-trip—and, as much as we adults need to shower and recover our zen after the fact, we know that kids love going out. Time, money, and energy require, however, that we are not always renting out a school bus and reapplying sunscreen. Fortunately, part of the magic of childhood comes through taking the big things of the world and making them kid-sized. Bringing big summer activities to children makes experiences manageable, safe, and—most importantly—explorable. Here are three summertime field trips which we think work just as well right outside on the playground. Daytime camping: The simple act of setting up a […]

Ohio AEYC 2018

Ohio AEYC Conference April 19-21, 2018 Come See Us At Booth 322 The AIR team looks forward to the Ohio AEYC Conference in Sandusky every year! This year’s event is from April 19-21 and we hope you can stop by and say hello. Meet Some Of Our Authors And Trainers We will also have some of our talented authors in the booth with us. Stop by and say hello to some of the great authors that have created some of our courses!   Giveaway Time! Stop by the AIR booth for a chance to win an iPad tablets, gift certificates for AIR courses, and gift certificates. All you have to do us fill out a ticket at our booth! We will […]

Create Your Own Luck

Early Education Creates Better Outcomes Lucky: it’s a word we hear everywhere. A teacher is lucky to have such a well-behaved classroom. Parents are lucky to have such gifted children. Students are lucky to be so smart. “How did you get so lucky?” What is meant as a compliment can mask the belief that positive circumstances are outside of our influence—there is no rhyme or reason to success. Certainly, a myriad of factors affect each child’s life—to many to account for—and much of what life brings our way is truly beyond our control. However, we here at AIR Child Care believe that quality early childhood education sets children up for success in a way that allows and encourages better outcomes. […]