Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a festive time in America and filled with fireworks, family time, gatherings, and food! Although school is out and kids are on summer break in most places, a lot of kids still visit childcares throughout the week while their parents are at work. If you are trying to find activities to keep kids engaged and learning while at your daycare, or simply want to keep your kids entertained at your Fourth of July parties, check out these themed activities that are perfect for kids of various ages: 

Word Search

Mix quiet time with patriotism with this free printable by Puzzles to Print Fourth of July themed word search that includes both festive and historical vocabulary! This would be perfectly paired with a short history lesson about America’s independence and our founding fathers, some of which are mentioned in the word search! 

Scavenger Hunt

Need something that takes up more time? This scavenger hunt by Mom Wife Wine is perfect! Have your kids search for the items on the list, such as something red and something blue. You can even make a scavenger hunt and hide Fourth of July themed items around your home or daycare for them to find! Along with keeping them entertained and keeping their minds engaged, scavenger hunts are the perfect way to educate kids about America’s independence all while having fun. 

American Flag

This craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning is the perfect way to get all your kids involved in one project that can be displayed on the wall of your home or daycare for all to appreciate. All you need is a poster board, some kid-friendly red and blue paint, glue, scissors (for the adult), and the printed off Pledge of Allegiance. This teacher combined the handprints of her students with the words from the pledge of allegiance to create a fun activity for the whole class!

Paint by Numbers

Here is another free printable activity from The Crafting Chicks that the young ones especially will love. All you need for this activity is kid-friendly paint, markers, or crayons depending on what you have access to or want to use and print off these sheets and let them decorate! Not only is this activity engaging, but it also improves fine motor skills and number learning! 

I Spy and Count It 

This activity by Moritz Fine Designs is perfect for practicing memorization, sorting, writing, and counting skills. Kids can count each object in the picture and write the number of each on the side. Why not sneak a math lesson in behind a fun holiday theme by having them count fireworks instead of numbers? You could even set a timer to see who finishes it first and make it into a fun game! 

Patriotic Bingo

Celebrate the Fourth of July with this free printable bingo game by Crazy Little Projects or create your own and customize it to your liking! This game is filled with patriotic images, famous Americans, and festive fun all in one printable! You could even have a prize for kids to win to make it more fun. There are 10 different cards to print and the last page has little cards to cut, put in a bowl, and draw from for the game. 

Language Arts Games

Woo! Jr has tons of free games that make for great language arts practice! Practice using verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives, with their fun and engaging worksheets! In their Mad Libs game, kids get to pick serious or silly words to fill in the blanks and create their own Fourth of July Picnic story. They have plenty more games for almost every school subject. 

These activities are perfect for most ages and easily customizable. Additionally, they do not require much prep work or clean up. If you want to find more kid-friendly patriotic activities, check out this website by Red Tricycle, for plenty more red, white, and blue themed crafts and games.