AIR Home Alone Confidence Course


  • The AIR Home Alone Confidence Course is a program designed for kids to learn the basics of being home alone.  Learn what to do and what not to do when home alone without adult supervision. 

  • This initial training course tackles the situations and decisions that children face when they are home alone for the first time. Mom and dad you can feel confident that your children will know how to answer phones and doors, make good decisions, identify trouble situations, some first aid and much more…  

  • After your child completes this course, we hope that you will take time to review the suggestions made throughout the course and then talk about them with your child.


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  • Course consists of 5 lessons and a final exam.

  • Don’t have time to take the course all at once…Start, stop and resume where you left off.  

  • Available 24/7/365 as soon as purchase is complete.

  • Certificate of Completion available IMMEDIATELY upon completion.

  • This course is not worth contact hours or CEU’s.


According to many states, there are no laws regarding the proper or lawful age to leave children home alone.   Most states follow the Safe Act.  The Safe Kids Act states that a child can be left home alone when they are mature enough to make proper decisions in an emergency situation. The suggested age is 12 years old.  Some 10 y/o may be mature enough, while some 13 y/o may not.  In addition, regardless of the decisions that the child makes, the parent will be held ultimately responsible.

For this reason, AIR Childcare Training Solutions has developed the Home Alone Confidence Program which teaches children about the possible scenarios that they could come up against and how to handle them.