Silly Spirit Day Ideas for the Classroom

Everyone loved spirit week at school growing up. Dressing as your favorite sports team or wearing your pajamas to school became some of the many popular spirit days in American schools. With the school year starting, we thought it would be fun to list some silly spirit day ideas to get students and teachers back in the school year spirit!


Opposite Outfit Day

Host an opposite outfit day where students (and teachers) can wear their shirts and jackets backward, and they can even wear their socks inside out or two different shoes and write their names backward.

Wacky Hair Day

Have your students come to class with wacky hairstyles. The best hairstyle wins a snack or the ability to pick a game to play at recess. Big spikes, ponytails, bows, colors, and more!

Superhero Day

Allow students to show their inner hero! Have them come to school dressed as their favorite superhero and show off their skills. You can even have them come up with their superhero name to share with the class.

Pajama Day

Almost every school has a Pajama Day. It gives students a chance to dress down and show off their comfy pajamas. They can come to school in their pigtails and onesies and have a school day spent in their pj’s!

Sports Day

This is the chance to show off your favorite sports team! Teachers and students can dress up in their favorite sports team jersey and tell their classmates about their favorite team or player. Students can also dress in their school’s sports uniforms to show some school spirit if they would prefer!

Disney Day

Students can dress up as their favorite Disney character, or simply dress up in Disney-themed gear. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out the mouse ears and Disney shirts! It is only limited by your imagination!

Wear One Color Day

This silly day allows students to show off their favorite colors by dressing up entirely in one color. Teachers can let students pick their color themselves or pull a color out of a hat and pick out an outfit that goes with that color.

If you decide to use any of these spirit day ideas, be sure to tag us in your pictures on Facebook! Happy Back-to-School!