Stay Healthy This Holiday Season With These 7 Tips

In addition to COVID-19, It’s also cold and flu season in many areas around the world. This is why it is especially important to practice proper health and safety measures while enjoying the holiday season this year. Here are some simple tips you can take to protect yourself from getting sick this holiday season so you can safely enjoy your holiday festivities.


1) Practice Proper Hygiene

Not only do we have to be aware of COVID-19, but it is also flu season. Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer. It’s also essential to keep your hands away from your face (especially your mouth) when you are out and about during flu season.

2) Eat Healthy and Stay Active

One way to make sure you do not get sick this holiday season is to eat healthily and stay active. Although it’s challenging to eat healthily and get proper exercise during the holiday season, it can keep you from getting sick during the holidays. No one wants to miss a holiday family gathering due to a pesky flu bug!

3) Hydrate

There is a thin layer of mucus in your nose and throat that flushes out germs. When it becomes dry, your body is more vulnerable to illness. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic or caffeinated beverages where possible since they dehydrate you further.

4) Wear Appropriate Clothing

Bundle up and stay warm! If you live in an area where it gets incredibly cold during the holidays, it’s essential to bundle up with scarves, jackets, hats, and boots to keep yourself from becoming vulnerable to illness due to the cold, wet weather.

5) Be Sensible About Gatherings

Due to both COVID-19 and flu season, it’s essential to be sensible about the gatherings you attend this holiday season and avoid large crowds. The CDC has an incredibly helpful resource page about attending holiday gatherings this season while maintaining safety.

6) Keep Your Hands To Yourself

This goes along with being sensible about gatherings. If you attend holiday gatherings, it’s perfectly reasonable (and respectful!) to avoid hugging and handshakes and keep a safe distance from people at family gatherings, especially the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

7) Lastly and The Most Obvious, Keep Up With Your Health

Take your vitamins, keep up with your vaccinations, and your routine doctor visits when necessary. Eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest.  You can also consider taking immune-boosting powdered packets or gummies to help you prevent from getting sick.

In addition to these tips, you should use this resource by the CDC and follow your state’s local health department for more information on what you should do to have a safe holiday season. Happy Holidays!