1, 2, 3 Math Activities for this December

Whether it is for a math center, or a way to keep the children busy at home, these math activities are perfect to entertain your child as they count down to the holidays!

Holiday Memory Game

With the help of some chocolate, this activity focuses on matching and memory skills.  You will need Hershey Kisses, scissors, tape, and this free printable.  Cut out the images, tape them on the Kisses, mix them up and begin matching!  Reuse multiple times, or eat the ones that you match!

Christmas Tree Counting

This activity focuses on ordering and counting.  For this activity you will need: green construction paper, brown construction paper, ruler, scissors, and dot markers or dot stickers.  Cut the green paper in 10 strips that start small and gradually get larger.  Take the dot marker or stickers, find the smallest strip and place one dot on that strip. Repeat with the next smallest strip, but place two dots or stickers.  Continue the pattern until you reach 10.  Once all the strips are done, cut a small piece of brown paper for the base of the tree.  Lastly, assemble the tree with the largest strip on the bottom, and the smallest strip on the top!

Ornament Sorting

Using plastic ornaments of various sizes and colors, you can create a simple sorting activity perfect for a toddler!  Start with the ornaments all in a mixed up pile.  The toddler can sort the ornaments by color or size or both by placing the ornament in a muffin tray or container.  Sorting the ornaments teaches the toddler to find the similarities and differences between objects, and distinguish them apart.