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Be Prepared For Asthma


The return to school is a time when many kids go back to participating in organized sports. For kids with asthma, it is an important time to be prepared. Many children have asthma that is brought on by exercise, and September and October are peak seasons for ragweed pollen in many areas of the United States. As school-age children (and college students) get back to the routine of regular exercise, it is especially important that they are taking their controller medications regularly. Learn more about Asthma in the fall here. Did you know that AIR Training Solutions has a Step Up To Quality approved course titled: Meeting the Needs of a Child With Asthma In their Learning Environment? This is a […]

Never Give Up


Never give up, that’s the message that most will get from this miracle story about a woman from Medina who survived after 62 minutes without a heartbeat. While most people would give up, paramedics continued CPR for over 1 hour. Christi Nelson, from Medina, suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest at age 27. Thanks to the persistence of paramedics and medical staff, Christi hopes to raise awareness of the need for knowledge in CPR & AED training. Her desire is that there would be more widespread availability of AED’s and knowledge of how to use them. Christi, now a wife and mother, is also a board certified behavior specialist that works with children with autism. Click on the video and […]

ODJFS 10 Hour Online Training Clarification


Clarification of 10 Hour Online Rule 5101:2-12-28 (A) – The rule states: Each child care staff member and administrator of a child care center shall complete a minimum of fifteen clock hours of training annually, after the first day of employment, until a total of forty-five hours have been completed. The forty-five hours of training shall include trainings in child development, health and safety, child abuse recognition/prevention, first aid and management of communicable disease. At least twenty of the forty-five hours of training shall be in the topic of child development as defined in paragraph (G) of this rule. “

ODJFS First Aid Rule Clarification – Please Read

Clarification From ODJFS Good Afternoon- This message is going out to county agency staff: After review of the health and safety training rule requirements and the At-A-Glance Training Chart found here, it was determined that training requirements needed to be clarified. We are in the process of updating the chart, however, until it’s approved, going forward please note the following clarifications: First Aid- Initial training must be taken in-person or in a blended format (online/in-person) 3- hour refresher can be taken in-person, blended or online only. An in-person portion is not required for first aid 3-hr refresher. If first aid and CPR are offered as a joint training, then an in-person portion must be completed as CPR requires an […]

Rainbow Fish Craft

Use this craft to teach your kids about generosity.  They can share colors and and strips of paper to show they are generous. Materials: template of the fish (or you can draw your own) 1/2 inch or so bits of various colored tissue paper or construction paper (we used tissue paper in the photo above). small amount of tinfoil thin strips of various colored tissue paper or construction paper one big blue piece of tissue or construction paper OR a blue marker or crayon glue, scissors Instructions: print rainbow fish template (or draw the outline of a fish on a piece of paper) color the head in blue, or glue on a piece of tissue or construction paper. It doesn’t […]

Becoming Generous

Little ones and Generosity…how do you make that happen? Look at the article (linked below) on Scholastics website. It will give you an idea of what to expect at each stage of development in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. This informative article delves into the “Whys” of kids attitudes toward generosity. Relevant examples guide the reader thru each age group. Helpful suggestions give you ways to “make it happen” in your classroom. Go to… and see for yourself how you can encourage generosity in your little ones.   See how our book of the month, can help with this lesson. See The Book Of The Month – Click Here

Your Next Great Read At OAEYC

Find your next great classroom book at the OAEYC Conference at Kalahari Resorts located in Sandusky, Ohio on May 21-23.  There are sessions available to learn all about children’s literature. You can attend John Funk’s session entitled “Once Upon a Time: What’s New in Children’s Literature?” or Debbie Clement’s session “Lyrics to Literacy: Read a Song and Sing a Book”. Plus many more! See what new and exciting books and lessons you can incorporate into your classroom. You can also discover many fabulous books in the exhibit hall. Over 70 vendors will be available to help you find that special item.  Stop by our booth (#423) and read up on all the great online courses that AIR has to offer. […]

Calling All Administrators

Want to have all of your staffs’ certification at your fingertips?   Want to run a report that tells you everything you want to know about your staffs course work?    Want all of this in one place? Well…you can!  Sign up for your AIR Training Solutions Administrator account.  You can have access to everything training related for your staff in one place.  With a click of a button, you can save time and money by using your Administrator account to its fullest potential. Want to see how it works in person?  Stop by our booth at the OAEYC Conference at Kalahari Resorts, May 21-23.  We can give you a live demonstration of this extremely helpful tool.   Want to enroll?  We can […]

OEAYC Get it and Go

Going to the OAEYC conference this month? Need First Aid and/or CPR certification? Then ‘Get it and Go’ at the AIR Training Solutions booth at the OAEYC Conference on May 21-23 at Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio. There is no better way to “Get it and Go”. Here’s how. Get certified in 3 easy steps: 1. Purchase and complete the online portion of the First Aid and/or CPR course. 2. Register for one of our OAEYC Conference In-Person training sessions. 3. Come to our booth, complete your training and leave that day with your certification. Remember, you can complete all of your child care training needs with AIR Training Solutions. First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse and much more. […]

Honest- to-Goodness Petals

Sunflower template courtesy of: Help kids learn that “Honesty is the Best Policy” by creating Honest -to -Goodness Petals. What you will need: Craft sticks Glue Cardboard cereal box Scissors Pencil Paint Paint brushes Directions: To begin, trace and cut a small circle from cereal box. Cut several wooden craft sticks in half. Using the glue, arrange the craft sticks around the cardboard circle and affix in place with glue. Continue until the sticks have made one complete circle around the cardboard circle. Repeat with an additional circle of craft sticks so you end up with the sunflower shape as shown above. Glue one full stick on for the stem. Have your child paint the flowers using paint colors […]