Back-to-School Resources

As we head back into the school year with new regulations and practices, it is essential to take extra time to prepare parents and students for everything new coming their way. Listed below are some resources that can be used to help make transitioning back into the school year easier for parents, students, and teachers.


Back-to-School Checklist

It is crucial to be prepared with all the necessary school supplies before school starts. One way to encourage parents to prepare for school is with a checklist. We like this checklist by Country Hill Cottage.

Syllabus Template

You can use a template like this one from Teachers Pay Teachers to make the perfect syllabus for your students this school year. This can also be used in classes with younger students and given to their parents at the beginning of the school year, so they know what to expect from the school year.

Meet the Teacher Night

The blog, Hanging With Mrs. Hulsey, has fantastic resources for Meet the Teacher Night. There are printable form fills, contact cards, and lots of activities for teachers to use to get to know their new students.

Classroom Management

Longwing Learning has many free printables that will help manage your classroom this school year. We especially love the classroom setup and classroom routine printables.

Parent Booklet

Think of these booklets as a syllabus for the parent. Both Kinder Kraze and Mrs. D’s Corner have easy-to-use ideas for booklets that will make the parent’s life much easier as they navigate the new school year. This allows the parents to know ahead of time what is expected of them and what they can expect all in one organized place!

All About Me

If you want to learn more about your new students, perhaps consider doing an “all about me” activity. This activity by Notes From the Portable, is perfect for learning a bit more about each student since it asks who they are and has them list some of their favorite things.

Slide Templates

There are a lot of templates out there for morning slides for teachers. We liked this template in particular from Teachers Pay Teachers. Are you interested in free templates? Additionally, this page from, Ditch That Textbook, lists 20 more templates for teachers to use in their classroom.

Ice Breaker

Ice breakers are important for the first week of school to allow students to get comfortable in the classroom. Teaching With Haley has an activity where students can roll dice and answer the question on the worksheet that is listed next to the number they rolled. This activity is great because students get a random question instead of having to introduce themselves on the spot.


COVID-19 Resources

The concept of social distancing and wearing masks is confusing for many children. They simply do not understand why it is important, and it can sometimes be frightening for them. Help make the new school year a smooth and worry-free transition by using COVID resources that are appropriate for young ages to learn about the new safe practices. This website, Sliding Into 2nd Grade, has a lot of activities and resources for learning about COVID in the classroom.

Are you looking for more back to school resources? Check out Teacher Vision’s website for resources and activities that work for all ages and grades.