How to Choose Professional Development for Your Staff

Your time and money are valuable, and the organization you choose for professional development should recognize and protect that. If you are struggling to navigate through the sea of training providers, there are a few factors you might want to consider. Ensure that the organization you choose:


1) Has gone through the QRIS in each state. 

Ensure you know that the classes you are paying for are approved in your state by the state’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS). Just because an organization says your state approves them, does not mean all of their listed courses for your state will be counted as fulfilling professional development requirements. Many organizations leave it up to administrators to check with their approving agency to verify that courses will fulfill requirements, rather than having that work already done for you. AIR Childcare Training Solutions guarantees that every course listed under your state has been verified by your state’s QRIS and will be counted towards your annual training requirements. This ensures that you do not waste your training dollars and time on courses that may not even count. Our trainings are also approved by the Council for Professional Recognition and can be used to fulfill a Child Development Associate Accreditation (CDA).  AIR Childcare Training Solutions trainings have earned the CDA gold standard


2) Will not cost you your priceless training dollars.

According to ChildResearch.Net, the average turnover rate for childcare staff in the United States is 30%. While subscription-based packages might seem like you are getting a lot of “bang for your buck,” if you are experiencing any staff turnover, all of those training dollars are lost when the employee walks out the door. AIR Childcare Training Solutions guarantees you will never lose your training dollars. With our bulk purchasing program, any uncompleted courses can be transferred to any staff member with no hassle guaranteed.


3) Ensures that learning is taking place.

As an administrator, if you are spending your priceless training dollars to meet the needs in your classroom, it is essential to make sure that learning is actually taking place. AIR trainings follow IACET standards of accreditation to lock down courses and ensure that the learner cannot merely click through the course and obtain a certificate. Additionally, our learning standards include:

  • All courses have different content. The same material is not reused for multiple courses, ensuring unique information in every course.
  • Each course is voiced by the original author, who can deliver their expertise and passion for their content, rather than using voice overs.
  • Our courses have a variety of experienced authors who are experts on their subjects and have the classroom experience to back it up.
  • AIR’s courses meet the QRIS standards of interactivity rather than just a discussion text box. Many studies prove that interactive content is critical to ensuring that learners retain the information in front of them.
  • Additionally, AIR Childcare Training Solutions is integrated with many state registries, saving you time and hassle with the verification process.


4) Provides nothing less than excellent customer service.

Technology can be intimidating, and the training organization you choose for professional development should make your experience as seamless as possible.

  • Our customer service team is all about making your experience smooth and hassle-free.
  • AIR has an online chat and ticketing system, and we guarantee a response to your questions and concerns, even on the weekends and holidays.
  • With our administrator dashboard, you can bulk register your staff and assign courses to multiple staff members with ease.
  • AIR’s bulk purchasing program provides the convenience of no course expirations and can allow unfinished courses to be reassigned to new staff members.

If your experience with professional development has been anything other than hassle-free, and you feel that you could be wasting your training dollars and time, it might be time to switch your training provider. AIR Childcare Training Solutions has a team of experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing the best quality trainings for your staff. Contact us today to get started!