Move On Over

April showers can mean a lot of time spent indoors.  Break up the rainy day blues by including more body movements.  By increasing motor movements in the classroom, children will gain a large amount of benefits.  These benefits can include better concentration in the classroom, and improved mental and physical health.

Yoga Exercises for Mental and Physical Health

An important, particular set of body movements that is popular with young children in that of yoga.  Yoga focuses on breathing while also building up flexibility and muscles in the back and spine. Being mindful of each breath is an important part of practicing yoga.  The breathing exercises done in a yoga session can carry on to even improve children’s focus in the rest of their school day. These breathing exercises can also serve as calming techniques, which benefit the child and anyone else around them!

By guiding children into different poses named after animals, children can imagine what it feels like to take on the qualities of those animals.  Children can become more engaged when they discover the deeper meaning with each pose.  Yoga poses for children can be easily found with a wide range of themes and a variety of different poses.