ODJFS First Aid Rule Clarification – Please Read

Clarification From ODJFS

Good Afternoon-

This message is going out to county agency staff:

After review of the health and safety training rule requirements and the At-A-Glance Training Chart found here jfs.ohio.gov/cdc/RevisedCPRTrainingChart.stm, it was determined that training requirements needed to be clarified.  We are in the process of updating the chart, however, until it’s approved, going forward please note the following clarifications:

If first aid and CPR are offered as a joint training, then an in-person portion must be completed as CPR requires an in-person skills assessment.  Therefore, joint first aid/CPR training cannot be completed online for initial or refresher courses.

Once the At-a-Glace chart is updated, we will go over these changes at an upcoming video conference.
Please email the childcarepolicy@jfs.ohio.gov.  if you have any questions.