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ODJFS Rule Changes

Your Questions and Our Answers About the New ODJFS Rules



Question: How do the new ODJFS rules affect your training?

Answer: The new rules can be confusing so we hope this might help clarify some points.  First and foremost, let’s get to the child abuse recognition course.  We’ve broken down the specifics for you!  The staff that has needed the 6-hour child abuse recognition course, and then needed the 3-hour refresher course, still needs the same courses.  Those rules did not change.  The only thing that changes is this: if you have staff that did not need any child abuse recognition course, they will now need the one-hour course.  AIR has offered to help providing this course, however ODJFS is not allowing any trainers or training organizations to offer this course except for themselves, therefore you will have to contact them to get this course.  Their contact information is 1-877-302-2347.  You have until June 30th to be compliant with this.

Second, the first aid initial course will no longer need to be blended and have an in person session to be approved by ODJFS.  All first aid (initial and refresher) will be 100% online.  However, we will still be offering the blended course for those who need it for CDA or other purposes for $39.95.

Lastly, every person will need 6 hours of Child Development Professional Development during every fiscal year.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In our training section, you will see a section of courses devoted to Ohio Approved/Child Development/Step Up To Quality.  These courses all qualify for your on-going professional development hours.  The previous rule stated that you had to have 15 hours a year until 45 hours were reached.  That requirement has been changed to the 6 hours per year, ongoing, with no maximum number of hours.

To see the new rules, please go to:


Question: Is there an overview showing what changed between old rules and the new rules?

Answer: Yes! We’ve taken the time to put together a chart comparing the old rules and the new rules.  We’ve made it so you can print this chart and study it. We hope this might help in case you need to distribute to employees.  Just click the button below to print the PDF document.

View & Print The Rules Chart Below