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Preschool Field Day

Field day is a day where students are encouraged to be active outside while participating in numerous events.  By incorporating a wide range of activities, students will work together in teams to complete tasks and also cheer each other on.  Students will have a great time regardless of scores.  Some of the basic field day events are running, bean bag toss, and relay races.  Here are a few elements of each one that you can incorporate into your field day experience.

Running Exercises

Some of the most classic field day events are the 50 (or 25) meter dash and the 3-legged race.  Get creative with the 50-meter dash by having students hop on one foot, skip, or gallop.  It doesn’t all have to be running!  Tie two students legs together for the 3-legged race and watch as they work together!

Bean Bag Toss

Gather up some bean bags and a few containers of any kind.  Hand the students 3-5 bean bags to toss into the staggered containers.  Students will love the excitement when they successfully throw a bean bag into the container.

Relay Races

Have students go a certain distance, down and back, completing different tasks.  Students could jump like a frog, crab walk, crawl like a bear, etc.  Other classic relay races are Fill the Bucket and the Egg and Spoon Race.  In Fill the Bucket, teams are given a sponge and an empty bucket at the starting line.  Students are instructed to run to the other end to fill their sponge with water.  They race back and ring out the sponge.  The process is repeated until the bucket is filled.  In the Egg and Spoon race, teams are given a wooden spoon and a hard-boiled egg.  Students must carry the egg in the spoon down and back, to then give it to the next team member.  Everyone on each teams participates.

Break Time

In between all of these activities, give students a break period to bring their heart rates back down.  This can be done through playing with chalk, bubble,s or even having a snack break. By allowing students to replenish themselves with snacks and water, you can avoid dehydration.  This break time is good to also reapply sunscreen.

All in all, field day is not about winning or losing, but giving students opportunities to work in teams while also inspiring them that exercise can be fun!