Language and Literacy for Every Learner – MA – 2 Hours


  • This is a 2 hour course (0.2 CEUs)

  • Course consists of 3 lessons, a final exam, and Survey

  • Certification Available IMMEDIATELY upon completion!

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Language and literacy are very important learning skills for preschoolers to develop. Language learning is the basis for almost all other areas of learning for many years following preschool. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences is beneficial when considering language and learning development. When creating learning centers, it is important to refer to the multiple intelligences to create meaningful centers that benefit all learners. Learning centers across all curriculum and benchmark areas should promote language and literacy. Specifically created language and literacy centers should have a strong focus on emergent writing, phonics, letter identification, and pre-reading skills through play. This training combines topics that include child development, language and literacy development, and classroom interactions.

Age Group: Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Families

CDA Area: Principles of Growth and Development

Course Certificate available immediately upon course completion.

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