“Marianne Gibbs’s AIR Childcare Presentation was by far the best training program I have ever received to date in this venue.  Everything was immediately applicable, and also affirming of everything we’ve already been doing at our Enon Montessori writing program. I have taught conventional school for 16 years and Montessori for going on two now–and many of your occupational therapy-based knowledge of yet-to-develop musculature was right on target and put in layman’s terms very well.

Already today I found myself at lunchtime (we eat along with the kids) watching which ones had their feet crossed around the chair legs, or who were leaning on the table or perching, etc.  We immediately got out the smaller chairs for those who needed them so they could “sit strong”.  It was such an improvement over the old tired and useless suggestion to “Sit right!” And in just a day, many of the lunchtime behavioral issues were solved as children felt more secure and balanced in their immediate environment.

Thank you thank for what you do and the heartfelt way in which you do it.  It is clear you are not just a teacher but a child advocate in the world—reminding me very much of Maria Montessori. She also lectured with a great deal of energy and passion.

Also, your hand-outs on correct and incorrect pincer grip are pure gold.  Thanks for your generosity in sharing them.  I have given each of my co-teachers a copy.  A picture is worth a thousand words when trying to accurately describe what “correct” and “incorrect” look like.”