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The Thankful Feather Hat

Each year on Thanksgiving friends and families come together to celebrate their blessings and what they are most thankful for.  This simple craft can help your child brainstorm some of the biggest blessings in their life.

For this craft, you will need: writing and coloring utensils, stapler, scissors, paper, and this free printable

Steps for Creating a Thankful Feather Hat:

Step 1- By using the free printable, print the feathers and the crown.

Step 2-Cut out the feathers and the crown.

Step 3-Have the child color the feathers and the crown if they please.

Step 4-Brainstorm with the child and write down on each feather something that they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Step 5-Staple the crown to fit the child’s head, and staple on the feathers to the crown near where it says, “I am thankful for…”


See the full version of the Thankful Feather Hat here.