Thanksgiving Fine Motor Fun

Tying our shoes, writing our names, typing a letter, and buttoning our pants are all examples of things we do every day using fine motor skills.  By practicing fine motor skills early in life, tasks such as these will come more naturally to children.  Discover fun, Thanksgiving themed activities that will promote fine motor skills.

Counting With Pumpkins

Now that Halloween is over, pumpkins can be used as a cheap resource when practicing some fine motor skills.  The components of a pumpkin can be used in a multitude of ways throughout your classroom.  This activity uses pumpkin seed as a way to combine counting and fine motor skills.  After you gut a pumpkin, gather together all the pumpkin seeds that come out.  Clean them by placing in a colander and run cool water over them.  Dry them on parchment paper until they’re ready to be used.  Distribute the pumpkin seeds into two similar containers.  Using a dice and tongs/tweezers, roll the dice and have students transfer the amount of seeds from one container to the other using the tongs/tweezers.

Turkey Hands

Using rice, a variety of beans, glue, pencil, paint brush, and a paper plate, students can create their own turkeys while practicing fine motor skills.  Have students begin by tracing their hand on the paper plate.  Next, paint on a layer of glue within the boundaries of the hand.  Have students pick up and place the same type of beans in each finger to resemble a feather of the turkey.  Repeat for all fingers using different beans for each finger.  Fill the palm area of the hand and the thumb with the same type of bean.  Finally, add a googly eye on the thumb, draw a beak and a gobbler, and voila a turkey!

Fun With Feathers

In this fine motor activity, toddlers will prepare a turkey using feathers and a colander.  Create a head and body for the turkey and place it on the front of the colander.  Have students use their fine motor skills to place a feather in each of the holes of the colander.  Students will love seeing the final result of the turkey as well as playing with the feathers along the way.

Feed the Turkey

This is an activity that will captivate any young toddler.  Using any plastic container made to look like a turkey, tweezers, and anything that could go inside of the container is all that this activity requires.  Simply feed the turkey by placing the object such as pasta, pom poms, or beans, inside of the plastic container.  The toddler will be practicing hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and independent play.

Activities that incorporate fine motor skills are not that hard to come up with, but they will definitely entertain any young child!