OAEYC 2017 Recap

What a great event at the OAEYC conference last month in Sandusky! It was a pleasure having an opportunity to meet so many new faces and current customers in the child care industry. As an advocate for the industry AIR wants to build personal relationships with not just customers but leaders and law makers alike. Having such a great conference allows us to achieve that goal.

We also had some of our great AIR content providers in the booth with us, and many of you enjoyed meeting these authors face to face for the first time. We even signed agreements with some new content providers which will allow us to offer exciting new training classes!

If you happened to stop by our booth, you probably noticed we did a drawing for an iPad AIR. That was just one of the ways we wanted to give back and say thanks. The winner of the iPad AIR was Amanda Greco and she was extremely excited to win. Remember to keep checking our Facebook page for future promotions and as always please let us know if there’s anything the AIR team can do for you.

See you next year in Sandusky!

OAEYC 2017

OAEYC Conference May 4-6, 2017

Come See Us At Booth 322

The AIR team looks forward to the OEAYC Conference in Sandusky every year! This year’s event is from May 4-6 and we hope you can stop by and say hello.

Meet Some Of Our Authors And Trainers

Stop by and see some of our Step Up To Quality / Ohio approved course authors very soon. On Thursday, Laurie Gombash will be in the booth with us. Laurie is the author of 5 of our current courses, and she will have her ABC’s of Movement cards available for purchase. On Friday, Pam Oviatt will be in our booth answering questions. Pam has many courses available on our website and she will have a fun experiment for anyone who stops by.


Win An iPad Air

Stop by the AIR booth for a chance to win an iPad Air tablet. All you have to do us fill out a ticket and then also like our post about the subject on Facebook once it’s posted. So if you don’t already like our Facebook page, please like the page so you will see the post later this week. Click here to like us on Facebook.

Good luck and see you in Sandusky!

ODJFS Rule Changes


Question: How does the new ODJFS rules affect your training?

Answer: The new rules can be confusing so we hope this might help clarify some points. First and foremost, let’s get to the child abuse recognition course. We’ve broken down the specifics for you! The staff that has needed the 6-hour child abuse recognition course, and then needed the 3-hour refresher course, still needs the same courses. Those rules did not change. The only thing that changes is this: if you have staff that did not need any child abuse recognition course, they will now need the one-hour course. AIR has offered to help providing this course, however ODJFS is not allowing any trainers or training organizations to offer this course except for themselves, therefore you will have to contact them to get this course. Their contact information is 1-877-302-2347. You have until June 30th to be compliant with this.

Second, the first aid initial course will no longer need to be blended and have an in person session to be approved by ODJFS. All first aid (initial and refresher) will be 100% online. However, we will still be offering the blended course for those who need it for CDA or other purposes for $39.95.

Lastly, every person will need 6 hours of Child Development Professional Development during every fiscal year. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In our training section, you will see a section of courses devoted to Ohio Approved/Child Development/Step Up To Quality. These courses all qualify for your on-going professional development hours. The previous rule stated that you had to have 15 hours a year until 45 hours were reached. That requirement has been changed to the 6 hours per year, ongoing, with no maximum number of hours.

To see the new rules, please go to: http://www.registerofohio.state.oh.us/

Question: Is there an overview showing what changed between old rules and the new rules?

Answer: Yes! We’ve taken the time to put together a chart comparing the old rules and the new rules. We’ve made it so you can print this chart and study it. We hope this might help in case you need to distribute to employees.  Just click the button below to print the PDF document.

View & Print The Rules Chart Below



OAEYC Conference 2016 Recap

Another Great Weekend For Ohio Child Care Providers

What a great weekend at the OEAYC Conference in Sandusky! From April 21-23, with over 2,000 trainers in attendance, the AIR team had the oppurtunity to meet hundreds of educators and leaders in our great state of Ohio. There2016 were plenty of outstanding breakout sessions led by talented speakers in our industry.  Topics covered many topics such as “advancing the profession”, “leadership in action” and “being the best in town (how to retain your outstanding staff)”.

AIR Child Care Recognized

Amie Brock, CEO of AIR, even had the honor and privilege of being called to the stage and recognized as a contributor to the child care training industry.  This was very humbling and obviously meant alot to the entire AIR team that attended the convention.  We love and appreciate all of our customers and getting to meet many of them in person is always a special treat we look forward to each year.  In fact, we encouraged convention goes to come by our booth and register for an iPad Air giveaway.  Out of the many people that registered, Deborah Duffy of Youngstown City Schools, was the lucky winner.

Meeting New Authors And Trainers

We also had the ability to meet many new authors and trainers.  AIR is always looking for content we feel offers great child care training opportunities here in the state of Ohio.  We met several new providers at the conference we feel have great courses and we look forward to sharing those Step Up To Quality / Ohio approved courses very soon. These courses not only offer courses where they might not be available, but they also provide the ability for a training author to make additional money thru our program.

Are You An Author?

If you are interested in learning more about our Content Provider Program, simply click the button below to learn more.

Become A Content Provider Today


What Is Ohio Approved?


You may notice that some of our courses have an ‘Ohio Approved’ approval, but what exactly is Ohio Approved?  Read below and learn more about this approval process.

What Does It Mean?

Ohio Approved Professional Development is an important part of professional growth. The Ohio Approved designation listed on our Step Up To Quality classes represents the state’s consolidated professional development approval process. This designation is the minimally accepted requirement for the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and School Readiness, the Ohio Department of Health’s Help Me Grow and the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services’ Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) approval processes.

How Does It Affect Me?

When you see the Ohio Approved designation, it means that course (or courses) are approved not only for Step Up To Quality, but for Help Me Grow and The Early Learning and School Readiness program.

If you are looking for Step Up To Quality training, than Ohio Approved meets your needs!


Be Prepared For Asthma

The return to school is a time when many kids go back to participating in organized sports. For kids with asthma, it is an important time to be prepared. Many asthmabigchildren have asthma that is brought on by exercise, and September and October are peak seasons for ragweed pollen in many areas of the United States. As school-age children (and college students) get back to the routine of regular exercise, it is especially important that they are taking their controller medications regularly.

Learn more about Asthma in the fall here.

Did you know that AIR Training Solutions has a Step Up To Quality approved course titled: Meeting the Needs of a Child With Asthma In their Learning Environment? This is a 2 credit hour course.

View Our Asthma Course

Never Give Up

air-vidNever give up, that’s the message that most will get from this miracle story about a woman from Medina who survived after 62 minutes without a heartbeat. While most people would give up, paramedics continued CPR for over 1 hour. Christi Nelson, from Medina, suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest at age 27. Thanks to the persistence of paramedics and medical staff, Christi hopes to raise awareness of the need for knowledge in CPR & AED training. Her desire is that there would be more widespread availability of AED’s and knowledge of how to use them. Christi, now a wife and mother, is also a board certified behavior specialist that works with children with autism.

Click on the video and watch this incredible story from Channel 19 in Cleveland >>

Have you heard about our Associate Trainer Program? The AIR Associate Trainer Program allows you to provide the in-person skills demonstration necessary to complete the blended CPR and First Aid courses. These sessions can be held for your own staff or for other learners in your area. The best part – you earn money and rebates for every test off!!

September Special

This month, take 10% off any CPR and First Aid Course. Also, take 10% off the AIR Associate Trainer course and start earning money and rebates today!

Simply use code: Sept10

ODJFS 10 Hour Online Training Clarification

Clarification of 10 Hour Online Rule 5101:2-12-28 (A) – The rule states:

Each child care staff member and administrator of a child care center shall complete a minimum of fifteen clock hours of training annually, after the first day of employment, until a total of forty-five hours have been completed. The forty-five hours of training shall include trainings in child development, health and safety, child abuse recognition/prevention, first aid and management of communicable disease. At least twenty of the forty-five hours of training shall be in the topic of child development as defined in paragraph (G) of this rule. “

Maximum of 10 Online Hours

Child Development Topics
(G) Child development topics relate to all of the following.
(1) Growth and development of children ages birth to fourteen years of age. (2) Children with special needs. (3) Developmentally appropriate equipment and classroom arrangement. (4) Working with parents and families. (5) Nutrition. (6) Community health, pediatrics or social services resources for children and families. (7) Planning child care, recreational, or educational programs and activities for children ages birth through fourteen years of age. (8) Developmentally appropriate child guidance and classroom management. (9) Administration of child care, educational, and recreational programs. (10) Ethics and professionalism in child care. (11) National child care standards as published by the American academy of pediatrics and American public health association and state licensing requirements. (12) Other areas as determined by the department.
(M) For training in child development topics, video, CD/DVD presentations, electronic media resource trainings, and online trainings approved by the department, may be used for a maximum of ten of the child care staff member’s forty-five hours of training. This electronic media training shall be documented on the prescribed form. Attendance by child care staff members shall be documented by the center administrator. Electronic media training shall not be used for trainings in first aid, CPR, management of communicable disease, or child abuse recognition/prevention unless approved by the department.

Unlimited Online Hours

Health and Safety, Child Abuse Recognition/Prevention, First Aid and Management of Communicable Disease
(A) Each child care staff member and administrator of a child care center shall complete a minimum of fifteen clock hours of training annually, after the first day of employment, until a total of forty-five hours have been completed. The forty-five hours of training shall include trainings in child development, health and safety, child abuse recognition/prevention, first aid and management of communicable disease. At least twenty of the forty-five hours of training shall be in the topic of child development as defined in paragraph (G) of this rule.
(I) Approved health and safety topics include: (1) Car seat safety. (2) Emergency planning and response. (3) Immunizations. (4) Use of a fire extinguisher (5) Safeguarding and childproofing the child care facility. (6) Shaken baby syndrome. (7) Special health care needs for children, such as; (a) Asthma. (b) Diabetes. (c) Breathing treatments. (8) Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). (9) Standard precautions/universal precautions. (10) Administration of medication safety. (11) Hand washing. (12) Other topics as determined by the director.
(M) …Electronic media training shall not be used for trainings in first aid, CPR, management of communicable disease, or child abuse recognition/prevention unless approved by the department.

*Note: ALL of AIR’s courses are ODJFS APPROVED and do not fall into any hour restriction.

ODJFS First Aid Rule Clarification – Please Read

Clarification From ODJFS

Good Afternoon-

This message is going out to county agency staff:

After review of the health and safety training rule requirements and the At-A-Glance Training Chart found here jfs.ohio.gov/cdc/RevisedCPRTrainingChart.stm, it was determined that training requirements needed to be clarified. We are in the process of updating the chart, however, until it’s approved, going forward please note the following clarifications:

If first aid and CPR are offered as a joint training, then an in-person portion must be completed as CPR requires an in-person skills assessment. Therefore, joint first aid/CPR trainings cannot be completed online for initial or refresher courses.

Once the At-a-Glace chart is updated, we will go over these changes at an upcoming video conference.
Please email the childcarepolicy@jfs.ohio.gov.  if you have any questions.

Ashley Howard
Supervisor, Child Care
Office of Family Assistance

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


From Amazon: http://www.amazon.com
The Rainbow Fish is an international best-seller and a modern classic. Eye-catching foil stamping, glittering on every page, offers instant child appeal, but it is the universal message at the heart of this simple story about a beautiful fish who learns to make friends by sharing his most prized possessions that gives the book its lasting value.


We have another great way to get its message of generosity heard by your class. YouTube has “Mermaid Man” (aka Ernest Borgnine) from SpongeBob reading this amazing story.
Use the link to dazzle your classroom with this award winning book and watch the seeds of generosity grow.

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