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Featured Author 

Tisha Luthy 

Tisha Luthy is an Early Childhood Education Teacher and Director.  Tisha has over 20 years' experience in Early Childhood Education. She started working in childcare settings with children ages 3-5 yrs. Tisha then went back to school and received a PreK - 3rd grade Teaching Certificate. Over more recent years, Tisha obtained a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood.

Being a teacher, director and a parent herself, Tisha Luthy understands the importance of establishing positive and productive relationships with families. Family Engagement is all inclusive portion of a child’s early childhood education and the extension of education continued in the home. Eliminating the separation of education and play is also a crucial portion of extending a child’s learning opportunities.  Tisha is passionate about assisting with the extension of education by creating programs, events, and curriculum that fosters family engagement.

Featured Course

Taking Your Classroom Outside 

See what a typical day outside looks like when using the outdoors as your classroom!  This training allows you to see that the playground area can be used as an outdoor classroom, by outlining the importance of outdoor play, and allowing children to pick their own free choice activities. You will gain the knowledge on how to teach children to be safe outdoors and how to adapt your lesson plans to the children’s interest. 

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Child Care Marketing Plan for Administrators 


Do you ever ask yourself: How will I fill all of my childcare seats? How do I recruit new teachers? What type of marketing should I use? How much does it cost? If so, this course is for you! In this course, you will learn the different types of marketing, including how and when to use them. This course will also teach you how to tell your story and create a marketable brand. If you're an administrator seeking to create a marketing plan that will enhance their company to its greatest potential, this course is your answer!

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