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Featured Author 

Pam Oviatt

Pam has a Master's in education and post graduate work in early childhood education and early literacy. She has completed courses in adult learning styles and has presented workshops at local, state, regional, national and international formats. Many may recognize Pam from her Presentations at Regional Head Start Conferences and the International Reading Association. She has had the honor of being an invited speaker for the International Early Childhood Institute in China. Pam also was an invited speaker at the US Department of Education for many other workshops and conferences.  Not only does Pam have experiences and knowledge to share, her love of teaching shows in every new venture she pursues. 

Featured Course

Advancing Your Classroom

Advancing Your Classroom for Success will help you to not only establish an effective classroom schedule but one that fosters play-based approaches that meet the needs and interests of all your students. Gain motivation in creating learning centers that are developmentally appropriate and provide memorable experiences, while learning the importance of differentiating the curriculum to meet the different learning styles and needs of your classroom. 

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Professionalism is easy to identify when you see it, but sometimes hard to explain or emulate. This course will help early, and mid-career educators put their best professional foot forward in the workplace, through professional communication, relationship-building, and conflict management. Polish your professional behaviors and review professionalism “deal breakers” that could be holding you back in your career.

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