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What Really Counts? Math Activities for Young Children

'What Really Counts? Math Activities for Young Children' will actively introduce participants to numerous practical examples of activities and materials that can be made and implemented in their own classrooms. This training with focus on Number Sense and Counting and the importance of building a strong foundation for future mathematical thinking and understanding. Topics such as Number Relationships, Operations, Algebra, Measurement and Data, and Geometry will also be discussed. This training will help participants understand both the process and contents skills for developing young children's mathematical skills.

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Featured Author

Meet Nancy Struewing

Nancy Struewing has spent 30 years in the Early Childhood Education field. Her first 22 years were spent hands-on in the classroom. More recently, she holds the position of Early Childhood Curriculum Professional Development Specialist at Hamilton Educational Service Center.

Over her career, Nancy has been in many different Early Childhood Education settings. She has experience in special education classrooms and working within school districts. She also spent a lot of time at The Arlitt Research Center at the University of Cincinnati. There she gained a deeper understanding of how children learn.

Nancy has a special interest in Mathematics. This has inspired her to share her knowledge by creating the 'What Really Counts? Math Activities for Young Children' course offered by AIR Childcare Training.

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1, 2, 3 Math Activities for this December

Whether it is for a math center, or a way to keep the children busy at home, these math activities are perfect to entertain your child as they count down to the holidays! Holiday Memory Game – With the help of some chocolate, this activity focuses on matching and memory skills. You will need Hershey Kisses, scissors, tape, and this free printable. Cut out the images, tape them on the Kisses, mix them up and begin matching! Reuse multiple times, or eat the ones that you match! Counting and Ordering Christmas Tree Activity – This activity focuses on ordering and counting. For this activity you will need: green construction paper, brown construction paper, ruler, scissors, and dot markers or dot […]

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