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Taking Your Classroom Outside – See What a Day Looks Like!

Children learn best when they are engaged in literacy-based activities that are enriched with the arts and movement. Participants will learn how a multisensory approach to learning the alphabet is fun and engaging for all. Through the introduction of letters, participants will explore, move, create, and engage with a story. View the Course Description

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Featured Author

Meet Cheryl Turner, Ed. S., M. Ed.

Cheryl Turner is a lifelong educator, having spent 18 years teaching in the classroom and then spent 19 years training students at the university level to become teachers. Cheryl would instruct undergraduate and graduate students about language and literacy methods, but she realized the importance of guiding children’s behavior as the foundation for learning. This realization led her to start her own consulting company that provides educators with insight and training that contributes to a positive climate for learning, effective instructional strategies, and improved learner performance.

Cheryl is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She has presented at events nationwide in social-emotional development, classroom management, child guidance, language and literacy development, play-based learning, and critical thinking skills for dual language learners.

Cheryl engages participants with her high-energy training style that combines humor with common sense strategies and impactful, relevant content. AIR Childcare Training Solutions is proud to be a part of this by adding Cheryl Turner as one of our Authors. Please check out these courses This Is How We Do It: Using Procedures, Routines, and Rituals As Effective Management Tools, From Chaos to Connection: Positive Discipline Strategies, Times of Unrest: Cultivating Cultural Tolerance and Building Relationship Skills, and Transitions: Teachers and Learners Embracing Change and Experiencing Growth Together at

In the Know

Benefits of Gardening with Young Children

Engaging senses: Gardening can be a great activity for engaging all five senses.  What does the dirt feel like on their hands?  How does it feel if you add water to the dirt?  What color is the parsley?  Do you hear the fruit crunch when you chew it?  How does the fruit smell and taste? Encourage Healthier Eating: Children are more likely to pick healthier options when they grow it themselves.  They can sample the fruit or vegetable right from the garden, or you could try a simple recipe that you can make in your classroom. Fine Motor Development: When the kids are picking up little seeds or pulling weeds, that is a great benefit to their fine motor development. […]

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