The training in this category is approved by the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry. Each course has an approval number, which is indicated on the completion certificate.

What is the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry?

The Oklahoma Professional Development Registry offers professional development and quality improvement tools in one centralized website in order to support members of the early childhood and education workforce of Oklahoma. The Professional Development Approval System (PDAS) through the Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD) ensures that all trainings on the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry are of the highest quality. The Oklahoma Professional Development Registry creates personal professional development plans that individuals and directors can track and monitor.

Once your application is processed, you will have access to the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry. On the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry, a wide variety of childcare training listings are provided. The Oklahoma Professional Development Registry manages all of your trainings and keep the records all in one place. The system allows you to locate training by a specific trainer or by specific keywords. AIR Child Care Training Solutions has multiple courses listed on the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry.

Oklahoma Childcare Training Tools

While there are many great tools available to childcare professionals, here’s two that we’ve found to be very useful.

‘Search For Training’ tab in the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry allows users to search for trainings and trainers. Users can look through the training calendar or the course catalog to find trainings interesting to them. Users can also search by location, date, event ID, or subject if they know a specific area that they are interested in. If a user is interested in a particular trainer, they can search using the Trainer Directory. Users can narrow the search by selecting expertise areas, language, competencies, and so much more.

Saved Events allows users to find events they are interested in and save them in a specific area. If you walk away from the computer, see one that’s interesting but do not need hours currently, or want to keep looking, the Saved Events tool can become very handy.

How many ongoing training hours are required in Oklahoma?

According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Licensing Requirements for Child Care Programs manual of 2018, all staff members must complete certain ongoing training requirements per year. All childcare workers and directors are required to complete 20 hours of ongoing professional development annually. No more than 6 hours of informal professional development will be counted towards initial or renewal hours.