AIR Child Care Training Solutions has standing approval to provide in-service clock hours accepted by the Mississippi Department of Health.

What childcare training resources exist in Mississippi?

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) oversees all services, programs, and facilities pertaining to early childhood and out of school learning. MSDH is also the home to all of Mississippi childcare professional development and training needs. While there are many great tools available to childcare professionals from the MSDH, here’s two that we’ve found to be very useful.

Training Organizations with Standing Approval  by the MSDH is a list of approved training organizations that early childhood workers can take training courses from. These courses will count for yearly staff development hours. AIR Childcare Training Solutions offers trainings in this category.

MSDH Training Calendar  provides members of the Mississippi early childhood workforce access to information regarding upcoming face-to-face trainings throughout the state of Mississippi. The Training Calendar gives participants access to location and registration information.

How many clock hours of annual staff development are required in Mississippi?

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health: Regulations Governing Licensure of Childcare Facilities, all childcare staff, directors, directors designees, and caregivers are required to complete fifteen (15) contact hours of annual staff development.