What is the DIEEC?

The Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC) oversees all services, programs, and facilities pertaining to early childhood and out of school learning. DIEEC is also the home to all of Delaware childcare professional development and training needs. While there are many great tools available to childcare professionals from the DIEEC, here’s two that we’ve found to be very useful.

Professional Development Planssamples are provided by the Delaware Institute of Early Childhood. The purpose of a professional development plan is to set personal and company goals in order to advance the education delivered to children. The Delaware Institute of Early Childhood also provides educators with numerous sources to ultimately reach goals set on professional development plans.

Quality Assured (QA) Trainingis verified by the DIEEC to ensure that educators are receiving high quality training. In order for a training to be quality assured, a vigorous process is involved.



What are the annual training requirements for early education providers in Delaware?

According to the University of Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood, specific annual training requirements are specified in Delaware Rules as follows: