The trainings in this category are accepted by the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services to be used towards the required professional development hours.

What childcare training resources exist in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Department of Human Services Childcare Licensing Program oversees all services, programs, and facilities pertaining to early childhood and out of school learning. One of the programs that the Hawaii Department of Human Services Childcare Licensing Program has in place is PATCH. PATCH, or People Attentive to Children, is a centralized resource for members of the early childhood workforce in Hawaii. While there are many great tools available to childcare professionals from on PATCH, here’s two that we’ve found to be very useful.

Scholarships  are offered through the DHS and PATCH networks. These scholarships are open to all caregivers in the early childhood workforce in Hawaii to aid in the financials of receiving ongoing training.

The Training Catalog provides members of the Hawaii early childhood workforce access to information regarding upcoming face-to-face and online trainings throughout the state of Hawaii. The trainings listed in this catalog are broken down by content area and hours.

How many clock hours of annual staff development are required in Hawaii?

According to the Hawaii Department of Human Services: Quality Improvement Rating System for Licensed Center-Based and Home-Based Child Care Programs, all childcare staff, directors, directors designees, and caregivers are required to fulfill an annual requirement of 16-24 hours of professional development training.