Purchase Orders

If you are planning to pay for your courses using a Purchase Order, please read the information below for both options that we have available to you.

Option #1: If you would like to do the purchasing yourself on the website, please send us a copy of the Purchase Order. Once we have the Purchase Order, we will issue a store credit on the administrator account for you to use on your order. The store credit will be available to you in your administrator account shortly after the purchase order is received. You can use your administrator account to place your order. Please see https://airchildcare.com/company-administrator-access/ for information on how to sign up for an administrator account and place your order.

Option #2: If you would like AIR Training Solutions to process your Purchase Order, please send us a copy of the Purchase Order. We will also need the information below for each staff member taking courses:
1. First and Last name
2. Email address
3. Desired password for AIR account
4. State Registry Number (OPIN, MOPID, etc if applicable.)
5. Address and phone number (personal or company)
6. What course(s) they need

Purchase Orders can either be faxed or emailed to us. Our fax number is 855-657-2935. Our email address is office@airtrainingsolutions.com. Once your Purchase Order is ready, please let us know the name and email address for the person that should receive the invoice along with which option you would like. If it is the first option of you processing your order, you can note on your Purchase Order that you would like a store credit issued for your Purchase Order.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 888-994-2247 or office@airtrainingsolutions.com. Thank you!