The trainings in this category are approved by the Missouri Section for Child Care Regulation for professional development hours, and are listed on the Missouri Workshop Calendar under Online On Demand as approved.

What is the Missouri Workshop Calendar?

Open Initiative is the central resource for early childhood educators, trainers, and programs that are intended for young children and their families in Missouri. One of the key tools that Open Initiatives provides is the Missouri Workshop Calendar. The Missouri Workshop Calendar allows early childcare providers to search and register for in person and online training courses. Certain courses completed in the Missouri Workshop Calendar will automatically transfer to OPEN once the session is completed.

On the Missouri Workshop Calendar, a wide variety of childcare training listings are provided. The Missouri Workshop Calendar manages all of your trainings and keep the records all in one place. The system allows you to locate training by a specific trainer or by specific keywords.

Missouri Childcare Training Tools

While there are many great tools available to childcare professionals, here’s two that we’ve found to be very useful.

‘Search The Calendar’ tab  the Missouri Workshop Calendar allows users to search for trainings and trainers. Users can also search by location, date, training format, or subject if they know a specific area that they are interested in.

Online On Demand allows early childhood workers opportunities to view online on-demand training opportunities. Two options are given in this section. Trainings listed under Option A automatically transfer clock hours into OPEN Initiative once the session is completed. Option B trainings do not automatically transfer. AIR Child Care Training Solutions offers trainings in Option A.

How many hours of professional development is needed in Missouri?

According to the Missouri Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual of 2019, all staff must complete eighteen (18) or more clock hours of professional development training per year. No more than nine (9) of these hours can come from on-line training.