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Intellectual Property Rights

The ACA (AIR Content Author) will assume all liabilities for their content to include inaccuracies, law changes, copyright issues, trademark infringements, etc. The ACA agrees to hold AIR harmless in the event of a lawsuit or challenge regarding their course material as well as make needed content changes and provide updates to AIR as needed. The ACA agrees to keep courses updated, approved, and relevant with requirements set forth by AIR as well as the industries and states where they have been approved. During course creation, AIR obtains all copyright permissions and photography licenses of which are kept in our electronic storage with the course information.

Proprietary Interest Policy

1.1 AIR Child Care Training Solutions nor its course design experts have financial obligations, partnerships or debts to any third-party organizations used in research and development of coursework. All third-party resources are for the sole use of developing ideas and are adequately cited throughout the course curriculum as necessary.

1.2 No AIR representative shall endorse third-party organizations while writing or conducting a learning event for the purpose of personal profit or other benefit.

1.3 All AIR employees or contractors involved with the development, delivery or evaluation of courses (writers / developers / ACA-AIR Content Author / Review Team) must disclose any prior or current organizations with which they have had a personal investment.

1.4 All AIR employees involved in course development must adhere to AIR Proprietary Interest Disclosure Policy

1.5 In the event that a partnership is created with a third-party organization, the relationship must be made clear in the course product page found within the course online.

1.6 The relationship between AIR and any third party must be disclosed prior to course purchase.

1.7 In the event that there is a partnership between the ACA and a product mentioned within the course, the relationship must be made clear in the course product page found within the course online.

1.8 The relationship in 1.7 between the ACA and product mentioned, must be disclosed prior to course purchase.

1.9 Third-party partnerships are intended to enhance the learning experience. The success of a learning event cannot depend on any of the above-mentioned partnerships.

1.10 Violation- If the Proprietary Interest Disclosure Policy is violated by any AIR employee or ACA involved with course development, delivery and evaluation, a warning will be issued and possible termination or course removal from AIR’s course catalog.

1.11 ACA Instructors who are contracted with AIR are compensated for their time upon successful completion of the course by a customer, as described in that specific learning event’s contract.

1.12 The CEO will oversee that any additional proprietary interests created will be updated in this policy during the annual review process. The above mentioned responsible party will evaluate if there has been any additionally developed proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed, as well as the source of any compensation related to the presentation and ensure that the disclosure has been properly documented and disclosed per policy and ANSI/IACET 1-2018 standards.