​Winter Activities in Your Classroom

Posted by airchildcare on Dec 1st 2021

We have some fun and educational winter activities for your classroom from ice painting to iceberg hop.  Check them out!1. Ice Painting!The supplies you will need for this activity are:Shallow … read more

How to Teach Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Posted by airchildcare on Nov 1st 2021

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, being thankful, and of course the added bonus of great food! Taking time before the holiday arrives to talk to children about what this holiday … read more

Pumpkin Science!

Posted by airchildcare on Oct 1st 2021

Are you looking for fun and fresh ideas for fall activities in your classroom? We have you covered! The number one thing most people think about when thinking about fall is… PUMPKINS! During the … read more

Back to School!

Posted by airchildcare on Aug 1st 2021

Summer break is coming to end. We know that last year had its challenges and we are hopeful for a better year! The beginning of the year tends to be hectic, so here are 3 tips to help you get rea … read more