Back to School!

Posted by airchildcare on Aug 1st 2021

Summer break is coming to end. We know that last year had its challenges and we are hopeful for a better year! The beginning of the year tends to be hectic, so here are 3 tips to help you get rea … read more

Gross Motor Skills Outside

Posted by airchildcare on Jul 1st 2021

Gross motor skills are a huge part of childcare and school. These skills are essential in everyday life. If a child has poor gross motor skills, it can impact all areas of their lives. Since su … read more

STEAM: Sunscreen Painting

Posted by airchildcare on Jun 1st 2021

Sunscreen can be used for more than just protecting your skin! Check out this sunscreen painting activity. It’s easy, fun, and cost-effective. This project is so easy and fun for kids, you will wish … read more

​Why is Outdoor Play Essential for Children?

Posted by airchildcare on Apr 30th 2021

What is the purpose of outdoor play? Children can easily learn many essential skills in their development when playing and learning outdoors. Some of those skills are risk-taking, but they help t … read more

Benefits of Gardening with Young Children

Posted by airchildcare on Apr 1st 2021

Engaging senses: Gardening can be a great activity for engaging all five senses. What does the dirt feel like on their hands? How does it feel if you add water to the dirt? What color is the pars … read more