AIR Health & Safety In Family Child Care Homes Course (8 Credit Hour)


  • This is the REQUIRED Health & Safety In Family Child Care Course (for Type B Providers). 
  • Course consists of 4 Modules and a Final Exam.
  • 8 Credit Hour ODJFS In-Service Form Available IMMEDIATELY upon completion.
  • This course uses ODJFS Approved Health & Safety Curriculum and has been approved by ODJFS for online format.

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The AIR Health & Safety In Family Child Care Homes Course for Child Care Professionals & Teachers (8 Credit Hr Course) is the ODJFS, Ohio Department of Education, and Ohio Department of Health Approved Program for Ohio Child Care Workers, Teachers, and other various educators.

  • Type B Providers are approved to take this course as electronic media to satisfy their ODJFS Requirements. For further details, click here: and reference beginning on page 23.
  • Don’t have time to take the course all at once….Start, stop, and resume where you left off.
  • Available 24/7/365 as soon as purchase is complete.

This class is approved in Online and Face-to-face format by the following:

Ohio class approvals