Welcome Back to School!

Posted by airchildcare on Aug 1st 2022

The first day of school is just around the corner for many of you. Whether you start in mid-August or the first of September, it will be here before you know it! We hope that your summer was fille … read more

​Outdoor Arts and Crafts for Your Classroom!

Posted by airchildcare on Jun 30th 2022

We hope the kids in your classroom will love these art activities. Learning outside is always more fun! Camouflage Art: You will need paint, paper, and items found in nature, such as leaves and pine … read more

Summer is on The Horizon

Posted by airchildcare on May 31st 2022

Summer is on the horizon. Soon children will be out of school and families will begin their new summer schedules. Childcare centers will begin planning for more outdoor activities and summer enrichm … read more