Schedules and Routines

Posted by airchildcare on Feb 28th 2022

Did you know that implementing schedules and routines in childcare will help children engage in learning, among many other benefits as well? Engaging in a schedule and routines allows kids to know what is going to come next in their day, helps them better understand the task at hand, makes them feel safe and in control of their environment and it helps them understand how to complete a take or activity. Most importantly, it helps them become more independent, and develop relationships with people they are interacting with during their day.

Schedule vs Routine:

  • A schedule is more of a big picture that includes main activities through each day
  • Routines are steps that you need to achieve your schedule.

Partnering with Families from Your Center:

  • Ask them what they do every day at home.
  • Encourage the families in your center to involve their children.
  • Ask them to review their schedule each morning with their children.
  • Ask parents and caregivers to keep a simple and similar scheduled each day.
  • Encourage them to be flexible.

How to Reinstate Schedules:

  • Re-teach and remind
    • Use visuals if possible
  • Let the children know of any changes in the schedule.
  • Every morning, review the schedule with the children.
  • Refer back to the schedule after an activity is completed about what comes next.
  • Provide positive feedback when children succeed.

Excerpts found at Head Start ECLKC