Are you Battling Teacher Burnout? We are here to help!

Posted by airchildcare on Apr 29th 2022

Are you feeling burnt out and exhausted from your job? Do you feel like you are giving everything you have, but it’s just not enough? You are responsible for taking care of your kids and classroom, but are you forgetting to take care of yourself?

You are NOT alone. The early childhood community is faced with one of the most daunting tasks of trying to keep everything happy and together when the world around is simply chaotic and ever changing. Nothing can be predicted; nothing is constant and yet here you are as educators and care givers entrusted with the task of not only educating our youngest generation but to keep them busy and free from what’s going on around us.

When do you get to take a break? We have come up with some ideas for you to help you battle the burnout.

  • Try a relaxing activity like reading or drawing.
  • Exercise. Yoga is a great exercise to help calm and recenter yourself. Regular physical activity will help combat stress.
  • Making sure to get a full night’s rest.
  • Unplug. Turning off your phone and/or social media will give you more time to focus on yourself.
  • Take a vacation if possible, or even just a weekend getaway. Sometimes, even just a night away can do wonders for you.
  • Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Log in a journal
  • Meet for a teacher’s night out.
  • Take a nature walk.
  • Spend extra time with your family and friends whenever possible.
  • Listen to a podcast. There are so many amazing podcasts that you can listen to for FREE. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

We understand that you are struggling to take care of everything and everyone else around you. We know that it is hard. We know that the pandemic has made things even harder. We are here for you. We are listening, and we are here to help in anyway that we can. We hope you make time for yourself in between all the pencils, papers, kids, and classrooms. With another school year coming to end, and summer being right around the corner, the time is now to take care of yourself!