Going Green

Posted by airchildcare on Mar 1st 2021

Why is recycling so important, even for young children?

Recycling helps keep our planet safe. Trash like plastic bottles that sit in landfills often contain chemicals that can harm the earth.

Here are some helpful tips to teach young children the importance of recycling:

  • Make a plan. Teach them about the most important items that should be recycled and why, for example, plastic bottles. Show them how and where they should be recycled. Talk about different items within your classroom that can be recycled.
  • Starting Early. Teach the children in your classroom to recycle early. Encourage them to look for the recycle symbol on products to help them become aware of what can and can’t be recycled.
  • Make it Enjoyable. Take a trip outdoors for a recycling game. Have the children collect random items that they may find outside. They can bring them into the classroom to create something special out of things that would normally be discarded. You can even play a game where they clean up the outdoors. They may find items that can be recycled.
  • Repurposing with Purpose. Before you throw away a milk jug, could your kids turn that milk jug into something different? Can old toys and classroom supplies be turned into something else? Their imagination can run wild in situations like this.

Recycling can be very educational and even fun with the ideas above. Kids will enjoy learning about how they can do their part to keep their environment safe.