​Outdoor Arts and Crafts for Your Classroom!

Posted by airchildcare on Jun 30th 2022

We hope the kids in your classroom will love these art activities. Learning outside is always more fun!

  1. Camouflage Art: You will need paint, paper, and items found in nature, such as leaves and pinecones or dirt. The children can press items into the paint and then onto their paper. They could also paint their paper and sprinkle dirt or grass on top. When the paint dries, the items will stick.
  2. Soap Foam Prints: Using dish soap, water, and watercolor paint, have the kids blow bubbles into a bowl using a straw. Then have them place a piece of watercolor paper over the foam for a few seconds. Leave it dry. You are left with a beautiful piece of art!
  3. Rock Painting: The kids will LOVE this one! They can paint any rocks found out in nature. This is a great activity to incorporate a nature walk to collect rocks too! They can use paint, or if you would prefer a mess free activity, have them use stickers instead.
  4. Pendulum Painting: Create a pendulum out of sticks and string. Using a plastic cup (with holes in the bottom) full of different colors of paint, swing the pendulum over top of a poster board or large piece of paper.
  5. Leaf Art: Create funny and cute animals using leaves and other items in nature. Add some googly eyes for extra fun!
  6. Stamped Leaf Art: Use a variety of shapes and sizes of leaves dipped in paint and press them on paper.

Excerpts found at: Fireflies and Mudpies