Summer is on The Horizon

Posted by airchildcare on May 31st 2022

Summer is on the horizon. Soon children will be out of school and families will begin their new summer schedules. Childcare centers will begin planning for more outdoor activities and summer enrichment programing. AIR is here to share with you some fun and exciting activities for home and/or childcare that children of all ages will enjoy.

Set up a swimming pool: Grab some bath and beach toys for added fun! Using glow sticks at night will allow for a fun glow experience.

Have a picnic: Set up blankets and fun summery foods like watermelon.

Have a bonfire: Make smores, tell stories, sing songs, play instruments (children can even make their own instruments)

Go on a nature walk and look for animals: Take the kids outdoors with binoculars (They can make their own with toilet paper rolls, tape and string) and journals and let them record and draw pictures of the animals they find along the way.

Make bubbles: There are tons of fun recipes online to make your own. Use different tools to make different size bubbles.

Water Play: Use squirt toys, balloons, and the hose.

Camping: Set up a tent in the yard. Read books, share stories, listen to music, and sign songs.

Make Popsicles: All kinds of popsicle trays can be found at your local stores and online. Use your favorite juices and make some yummy treats your kiddos will enjoy!

Ice Cream Sundaes: Beat this heat with this sweet treat. You can great a build your own sundae station and let the kids be creative in decorating their sundae with all the fun treats.

Lemonade Stand: This is a fun way for children to make some money or simply just have fun

Cookout: Great way to try and share new foods. Offer classic foods like hotdogs if you are looking for a more inexpensive food item.

Outdoor Movie Night: You can use a white sheet with a projector and view on the side of your building/house. Make some popcorn and grab other snacks.

Sidewalk Chalk: Give the kids a theme or build a mural together. Children can even make their own sidewalk chalk.

Paper or twig boats: Have children create a boat out of paper and twigs. Let them float them in a pond. This makes a great science lesson too.

Fly a Kite: Whether you create one yourself or purchase one, children love to run and fly kites.

Sandcastles: Build a sandcastle in the sandbox, at the beach, or even your sand tables. You can find lots of fun supplies to decorate your castle around the classroom, yard or house.