Welcome Back to School!

Posted by airchildcare on Aug 1st 2022

The first day of school is just around the corner for many of you. Whether you start in mid-August or the first of September, it will be here before you know it! We hope that your summer was filled with great memories, lots of relaxation, and that you’re ready to tackle the new school year.

Do you also like to get your house organized before the school year starts? If you’ve got a household to manage on top of your classroom, the beginning of a school year can be overwhelming. When the children go back to school, it’s helpful to make sure that everything has a place for their things, the fridge is organized, and everything is easy to pull out for packed lunches. It’s also nice to have an organized snack area for school and after school snacks, and to make sure that the kids have a nice spot to work on their homework. On top of that, it’s nice to just have the home cleaned so you can relax after work. A little secret though, it NEVER stays like that all year!

Next up, school shopping! There are so many deals out there, including tax free weekend. Be sure to check out when your state is running theirs and what stores/items qualify. Also, don’t forget to ask for donations to your classroom for various supplies like, tissues, dry erase markers, etc. to help out.

When getting your classroom ready for a new school year, getting some type of schedule ready for each day will help you undertake learning centers in your room, one at a time. Arrival time would be first, so take a look at the section where the kids come in. Do they have cubbies? Are the cubbies labelled with their names? If there are no cubbies, where will they hang their bookbags and coats? Maybe some easy to remove hooks on the wall for these items would come in handy. Next, look at your circle time area. Do you have the calendar ready for the month you start? What about a weather section? How are you going to arrange the desk or tables? For more tips on getting your classroom ready, check out our courses: Building Up a Classroom and Spaces that WOW!

Another thing that you will need to get ready for the year is your training. Have you completed your required and specialized courses? You are less likely to forget about taking your courses if you make them a part of your back-to-school routine. Check out your states page to see what courses we offer in your state by visiting this link: https://airchildcare.com/select-your-state/.