CDA Renewal Course Package - Preschool

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This course package contains 45 hours of training that can be used for your CDA Renewal in the Preschool area.

  • Courses must be taken within the first 120 days after purchase. This includes in-person skills assessment if you have purchased a blended course. After 120 days, courses will expire. No extensions will be given.

- Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
Meeting the Needs of a Child with Asthma In their Learning Environment (2 hours)

- Advancing children's physical and intellectual development
Active Play Kinesthetic Learning (2 hours)
Every Day, Every Way, Math! (3 hours)
I am NOT a Scientist (2 hours)
Language and Literacy in Early Childhood (5 hours)
How to Talk the Talk of Learning Through Play (2 hours)
To Circle Time and Beyond (2 hours)
Making Interactions with Children Count (2 hours)
Connected Curriculum for Maximum Learning (2.25 hours)
- Supporting children's social and emotional development
Child Development and Temperament (2 hours)
Creating a Learning Environment that Supports Positive Behaviors and Social/Emotional Growth (2 hours)
Open-ended Preschool Art (1 hour)

- Building productive relationships with families
Fostering Family Engagement (1 hour)
- Managing an effective program operation
The Architecture of Child Care and How Technology Applies (2 hours)
- Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
Autism Awareness and Strategies for the Early Childhood Setting (2 hours)
- Observing and recording children's behavior
Improving Child Outcomes with Technology (1 hour)
- Understanding Principles of Child Development and Learning
STEAM Up Your Class (2 hours)
The ABC’s of Movement – Moving, Learning, Growing (2 hours)
Using a Project Approach (2 hours)
Encouraging Scientific Thinkers (3 hours)
Putting the Interest in Interest Areas (2 hours)