Early Childhood Course Spotlight: Giving Thanks for Family

Early Childhood Course Spotlight: Giving Thanks for Family

Oct 28th 2022

A family consisting of a mom, dad, and young girl eating Thanksgiving dinner

One of the more notable, special things about November is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and celebrate what they are thankful for.

When families get together so do kids, and knowing how kids learn and grow is important for not only the family but for their teachers.

Check out some of our courses about family and the connection to their children.

Family Communication: It's Easy and Important!

Families and parents are important in helping children learn. Communication is not always simple but is necessary. Sharing information with families improves cooperation, both with families and with the children.

Learn simple ways to communicate effectively with families and make your learning site a great place to be! Learn more.

Power of Connection: The First Five Years

Power of Connection will broaden your understanding of the importance of family connection and involvement in a child’s life, especially the first five years.

This course will show you how the brain develops through connections. You will learn the impact Toxic Stress has on a developing brain and the importance of community and intervention programs for children and their families. Learn more.

A Child First! Understanding Special Needs

Language does make a difference! This training is an introduction to young children with special needs. You will develop knowledge about appropriate terminology connected with special needs and disabilities.

You will look at a brief history of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). You will be able to identify screening tools and learn about the agencies and resources available to assist the support teams of children with disabilities, including teachers and families.

During this training, you will analyze the importance of inclusive preschool programs. Teaching strategies to create a more inclusive classroom will be introduced. Learn more.

Knowing the child is like knowing the family. Making sure any educator has an understanding of the growth of a child. This will lead to a connection between them and the family to together let the child grow.